ANTHEM | How will Combat, Javelins and Weapons work

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As we promised in the last Anthem article, we’re going to go through all the aspects of the game to make sure that you are all absolutely prepared for it and you’re ready to take Anthem’s world by storm as soon as the game is out. Today, we are going to be focusing on the combat in the game, the different Javelins and the weapons they allow you to carry. In Anthem, it all starts with you booting up the game and rolling out in your Ranger Javelin as a rookie freelancer. You will then earn the other 3 Javelins while you’re on the game’s critical path. Once earned, these exosuits can be swapped out freely at any time as long as you’re at Fort Tarsis or your mobile Fort Base. You won’t have to start the game again all over from the beginning in order to experience all the different classes. You are a pilot, a freelancer, that is your main character and the Javelin exosuits are just tools that you use, they are your vehicles for exploring the amazing world of Anthem.

Speaking of the Javelins, let’s go over them one more time:

 We’ve got the Ranger, which is your general use multiclass 

The Storm, which is your magic suit, sort of a glass cannon 

The Interceptor, which we still don’t have much info about, other than he’s supposed to be really fast 

And last but not least, we’ve got the Colossus, a big Javelin not at all focus at being fast, but instead focused on shielding, protecting the team and taking damage. 

That is the base layer of player choice inside Anthem. Which Javelin would you want to use? 

The great thing about being able to switch between different Javelins at any time is that you can mix and match your team of four individuals. Maybe when you start the game, each member of your team chooses a specific Javelin but, let’s say, 5 or 6 hours in the game you and your buddy want to change classes - you just do it. If you are playing solo, which is going to be one of the more challenging ways to play the game, you can just bounce across different Javelins, finding the one you need for the specific mission or boss you’re facing. Let’s say you’re having troubles with a boss fight and you’re like - hey, maybe I need more speed here, or I need more damage, or I just need to have more health to survive this fight - you can just switch your exosuit and try out different options.

Weapons and Gear

  Each of the four Javelins will allow you to equip 2 weapons and 2 pieces of gear. Each Javelin also has its unique defensive maneuvers and Ultimate abilities. When it comes to equipping those weapons and gear, each Javelin has its own arsenal, its own unique selection of gear, and there are going to be weapons, that are specific for certain Javelins. For example, only the Ranger can use Cryo Grenades, the Colossus is the only Javelin class that can wheel heavy machine guns. You can then further modify those components so that the cryo grenades can be set up to send additional shock waves from frozen enemies that were frozen before they die.

Pilot Skills

  As already mentioned above, in Anthem, you are a Javelin suit pilot. The game has a progression system that is constantly going forward. As long as you are in a Javelin, you are going to be gaining pilot skills. For example, you will be gaining passive skills, that may let you have a longer boost time before your Javelin overheats. An important thing about the passive skills is that most of them will apply to every Javelin. So if you’ve played Storm for a few hours and you’ve gained some passive skills, most of them will be there when you switch to another Javelin. You might be getting some of your active abilities too, but we don’t have enough information about that just yet, so we are not sure about all the details regarding the pilot progression system in the game.

Co-op or Solo?

 We’ve already talked about the fact that you can play the game both in a team or go at it solo. Now, the Bioware team is obviously very keen to remind people that Anthem is, in fact, a game, that is built around playing in co-op. While you can play alone, they’re obviously putting most of their efforts in making the co-op experience as best as it can be. They are heavily focusing on team play (a direction that other games like Overwatch and even Destiny are also based on). 

The combat system in the game is created in a way that allows for lots of Combo moves, which involve different Javelin abilities. This is why playing in a team would make things a lot more fluid. This makes the combat in Anthem really interesting as it opens ways for many different styles of play. Rather than just going at it with the - whoever has the biggest damage output weapon is the one that has the edge, Bioware is making a game where creativity and team play will prove to be more important than weapon stats. This extra layer in Anthem is what gets as most excited, and even if you don’t have a friend to play with, you can always find another lone-wolf like yourself in the game and start the friendship of a lifetime while conquering the world of Anthem together. 

Here, at BoostingGround, we’ll be adding boosting services and options for everything that the game has to offer, as soon as we have enough specific information to do so. There is still a lot about Anthem that we do not know and we’re excited to find out more and more about the world of Anthem and all that it is going to bring to the table. 

Stay tuned for the next Anthem article, where we’re going to dive into another aspect of the game!
Author Maison
Published 2018-06-18
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