Anthem Monsters & Story (August 2018)

Author: Maison

In this article, we will dive into the Anthem story and the characters in the game. We will explore all anthem monsters and factions that we know about. We can't wait to help you destroy all the monsters with our Anthem boosting services.

Let’s go back to the very beginning of the planet creation where Anthem takes place on. The gods - Shapers used powerful technology to command a force known as the Anthem of Creation. These tools allowed the Shapers to form the planet in their liking and prepare it for a new life. However, for reasons unknown to humanity, these Gods vanished, leaving behind their tools. With no one around to control them, the tools activate on their own will and trigger enormous changes. These events create a hostile environment, where surviving is the top priority

As for humanity itself, we know that they’ve been on this planet for a long time. There are ruins left behind from old human civilizations. We know that those humans didn't come from Earth, but we don’t know much more than that.

We love the world of Anthem because even though it is sci-fi, you can feel magic with a sense of mystery in it.

While the javelin exosuits come across very much like an Iron Man suit, they do not at all function in such way. They are a lot more like the old Jet Fighters. Javelins are Hand-built and hand-crafted. Flying them will need actual skills, which will be interesting.

Anthem Allies 

 Let’s talk about some of the allies in the world of Anthem.

We have to start with what the players are going to play with - The Freelancers. Those good folks have been well trained to fly the javelins. They often operate in groups, and their primary goal is to protect humanity, including other human factions (we should point out that the freelancers are generally allied with the people of Fort Tarsis ), and from the creations of the Shapers.

Shutting down these relics from the Gods (the Shapers) is one of the freelancers main tasks. We saw one of these relic shutdown missions in the E3 demo of the game.

The freelancers played an essential role in the history of humanity. They have a vibrant story that we are going to learn more about soon.

You start the game as a freelancer in a time where you need to build a reputation, with the people of Fort Tarsis. 

Anthem Characters 

 Here are some of the characters that were in some ways revealed during the E3 demo:


 In the EA demo, we got a small glimpse of an individual known as Owen. The Bioware developers have confirmed Owen to be kind of your own personal cipher. Owen would interact with the players in many different ways - Depending on where they are in the world, what they are doing, and on the things that happen behind the walls of Fort Tarsis. Owen will tune down a bit when you are playing with friends so that it does not get annoying. 


 Next, we’ve got Haluk, who’s our Strider mechanic. If you’ve forgotten, Strider is the mobile fort base. So far, we know that Haluk is a friend and that we’ve had some history with him, and for now, that’s pretty much it. It will be interesting to see how much we’ll be interacting with Haluk both inside and outside the fort. 

Anthem Enemies

 Now, we say enemies and monsters because they are not always going to mean the same thing. Anthem monsters are scary and dangerous, but that doesn’t make them enemies, at least if you don't bother them.

Let’s first take a look at the enemies that we know of so far:


 In the very beginning, at the core of the many enemy factions, we have our primary antagonists - The Dominion. They are the freelancer’s ancient enemy, and they want to control the Shapers relics to rule over the world. They are also a human faction. The Dominion organization is going to be one of our most significant threats in the world of Anthem. 


 We also know of the Scars. We saw them in the E3 2017 trailer. The Scars are alien invaders, who have come to capture the Shaper’s technology. Bioware hinted that the Scars have a connection, tying them to the Shapers. Uncovering that story will be interesting. 


 The Sentinels are another fraction, but at this point, there is not much information on them.

Anthem Monsters

 We are aware of two main types of monsters:


 Titans are one of the world’s massive ancient beings that appear to have an energy inside of them. That energy can be deployed as a weapon. There are going to be lots of Titan enemies that you’d be able to find in the world. They will kick your ass in the early stages of the game, even if you are trying to take them down with your friends. 

Swarm Tyrant

 Last but not least, we’ve got the Swarm Tyrant. ?he spider-legged beast boss that we see at the end of the E3 play demo of Anthem. The Swarm Tyrant is a giant mobile spider monster. It can shoot webs just like spider-man. It commands an army of smaller spiders that attack you during the fight.

The Swarm Tyrant also represents the first enemy that will need a specific piece of knowledge to die. Many different enemies in the game are going to have different weak spots. It is not only about head shotting everything you face, but it is also more about finding the best way to approach each enemy. You will need a tactical approach to reach a positive outcome in a fight with all Anthem monsters. 

Anthem Monsters: In conclusion

 There are going to be many more monsters.  Stay tuned for our next article where we’ll dive into another part of the game.

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