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Anthem – Officially Live

Author: Joy

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Anthem has launched exclusively on Origin Access Premiere. Everybody, who has got a subscription can play the game right away. The game is actually coming out on 22nd February, but the subscribed players can play it exclusively. If you have a subscription to Origin Access Basic, you are able to enjoy the game for ten hours, before 22nd. However, if your subscription is to Origin Access Premiere, you are able to play the full version of Anthem, without any restrictions.

What are the launch times for 22nd February?

  • 6 am CET
  • 5 am UK
  • 12 am ET
  • 9 pm PT /Feb 21st/

Pre-loading anthem

The game is the staggering 51 GB to download. Your best bet is to start dealing with that before the servers were up. The good thing is that whoever has pre-ordered the digital version of Anthem OR has a subscription to Origin Access Premiere, can get to fully experience the game. All you need to do, in order to play Anthem is to log into Origin, look for Anthem either in your library, or the store, and then click to start the download process. Enjoy!

Author Joy
Published 2019-02-22
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