Destiny 2 Blacksmith Triumph Farm




Destiny 2 Blacksmith Triumph Farm - Description & Requirements

Players need to complete a certain number of Triumphs, in order to get a title - a sign of completion and mastery over specific parts of Destiny 2. The Blacksmith triumph requires players to achieve a number of accomplishments in the Lost Forges of the Black Armory and the Scourge of the Past raid. Boosting Ground offers to complete the following accomplishments for you if you choose our Destiny 2 Blacksmith Triumph Farm:

  • Master Blaster - Get 500 kills with Jötunn at the Volundr Forge. You must have Jötunn available.
  • Clean Up On Aisle FiveGet 500 kills with Threat Level at the Bergusia Forge. You must have Threat Level available.
  • Beautiful But Deadly - Get 500 kills with Le Monarque at the Gofannon Forge. You must have Le Monarque available.
  • Reunited Siblings - Get 500 kills with Izanagi’s Burden at the Izanami Forge. You must have Izanagi’s Burden available.
  • Fast and Unwieldy - Escape Ablazed Glory without losing a single fireteam member.
  • Like a Diamond - Complete the flawless version of the “Scourge of the Past” raid. 
  • Black Armory (B.A.) Bounty Hunter - Complete 30 Black Armory bounties.
  • Guardian of the Black Armory (B.A.) - Complete the 6 special bounties for the Black Armory.
  • EDZ Black Armory (B.A.) Smith - Forge all Black Armory weapon types in the EDZ forges.
  • Nessus Black Armory (B.A.) Smith - Forge all Black Armory weapon types in the Nessus forges.
  • "Hold The Line", "To Each Their Own" and "All For One, One For All" - are rare weekly Scourge of the Past challenges.
  • Raider of the Lost Treasure (L.T.) - Loot hidden chests in the "Scourge of the Past" raid 5 times.
  • A Study in Obsidian - Obtain an Obsidian Accelerator

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