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Destiny 2 Guardian For Hire - Description

Fighting battles against powerful enemies on multiple planets can be a challenge even for the best of players, the path of a Guardian can also get a bit lonely along the way. With our Booster Per Hour service, you will never feel that outnumbered and alone in this big universe again. Select how many of our professional guardians you need on your side, and they will help you through your journey. Use them as you wish to satisfy your needs ... in Destiny 2 (you pervert!). Excellent Destiny 2 Boosting Services by Boosting ground.

Destiny 2 Booster Per Hour - What do you get?

Have you ever felt bored playing alone in an online multiplayer game, such as Destiny 2? Are you tired of teaming up with weak players? Maybe our dedicated service Guardians for Hire is just what you need. Employ the skills of our top Destiny 2 gamers to your advantage and enjoy not only one but up to 5 guardians at your disposal. Don’t miss the fun with our boosters and get ready for:

  • Numerous hours of gaming with professional Destiny 2 players that will follow your lead or guide you adequately.
  • Excellent pricing model with a lot of flexibility. You will get what you’ve paid for and even more.
  • Dedicated support at your service 24 hours a day.
  • Extended coverage on every platform – PC, Xbox, and PS4.
  • Hand-pick your favorite booster by name and book right away.

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