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Destiny 2 Notorious Armor Farm




Destiny 2 Notorious Armor Farm - Description

Conquer Gambit Prime and move on to the next level - The Reckoning. Just choose your specific combat role and we will get you an armor set with perks that will change the way you play. Get the most powerful armor - Tier 3 Notorious!

The 4 combat roles are Reaper, Invader, Collector & Sentry and you can get them by:

  • Reaper – Slaying enemies & clearing out waves of adds.
  • Invader – Stealing motes & hunting down enemy players.
  • Collector – Sending blockers & gathering motes for your team.
  • Sentry – Protecting the bank & countering invaders and blockers.

Our Destiny 2 Notorious Armor Farm Service - What do you get?

  • Full set of Notorious Prime Armor depending on your role of choice.
  • Our booster will complete Reckoning as many times as needed, in order to get all parts of the set.
  • All gear, weapons, tokens & materials acquired during the boost will be left to you.
  • No programs or bots used, only human work.
  • The option "Appear Offline" doesn't show your online status.
  • This service has a 24/7 streaming option.


  • Power Level 670+
  • Synthesizer upgraded for Tier 3
  • Completed Forsaken main story campaign.
  • This service requires account sharing.

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