Destiny 2 Spire of Stars Boosting




Destiny 2 Spire of Stars Boosting - Description

Welcome to the Spire of Stars. It is the last raid on the Leviathan ship. Take a look at our Spire of Stars Raid Lair Guide to find out all you need to know about this raid. 

It may be a really hard experience for a new player who wants the completion reward items from the Spire. We offer you to leave this tough task to our experienced boosters, who are the best Destiny 2 players!

 Destiny 2 Spire of Stars Carry Service - What do you get?

  • With our Spire of Stars Raid Boost service, you can choose between Normal, and Prestige Spire of Stars mode.
  • "Open Chests"  is an option that will get your booster to open all the chests with any keys obtained during the raid.
  • You will get stages of the raid cleared + a kill of the final boss.
  • Random powerful gear that can improve your item power level.
  • Rare and Legendary engrams.
  • Three raid keys that could be used with the "Open Chests" option.
  • The completion time of the Spire of Stars varies between 1-4 hours, depending on the selected options and your gear.
  • Boost available on all Platforms - PC, PS4 and Xbox.
  • If you want the raid to be completed with more than one class, just pick your preferences from the 'Class" drop-down option below.
  • By choosing the "Appear Offline" option, you will let the booster know that you want him to stay invisible while playing.


  • Account sharing is required unless you choose the 'Self Play' option where you team up with one or more boosters and go through the Raid together.

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