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Buy Trials Of Osiris Custom Wins - Description

Trials of Osiris is coming back with the new Season of the Worthy! It's a Weekly 3v3 Elimination mode, which starts every Friday and ends every Tuesday. The players will have the opportunity to buy one from five Passages from Saint-14, which have their own perks and give different rewards and bonuses. 

In this service, we will help you get any amount of wins you need! Select the number of wins and we will make a card for you with the selected win amount!

Things You Should Know About Our Trials Of Osiris Custom Wins!

  • This service will not guarantee you any win streaks or a flawless completion of the Trials Of Osiris.
  • If you are looking for flawless completion of the Trials of Osiris you can order from our Flawless Trials Of Osiris Service
  • This service will guarantee you only the selected amount of wins on a ticket, but that may include losses.
  • This service is designed to help you get additional tokens or extra wins for Lightmaker and Lightbreaker Emblems tracker
  • If you have a 7/2 ticket and you order 3 wins, it is not guaranteed we will get you to 10/2. We might do only 2 more wins on this ticket, and 1 on another!

Buy Trials Of Osiris Custom Wins - What do you get?

  • By purchasing this service, you will get the desired amount of wins in Trials.
  • All items that might drop during the boost remain for you.
  • No programs or bots used, only human work.
  • Our 'Appear Offline' guarantees you'll remain completely anonymous.
  • We provide a 24/7 streaming option.


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