Destiny 2 Forges Guide

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In the Black Armory expansion of Destiny 2, we are introduced to a new activity for the endgame. Its name is “horde mode”, and it will reward the best players with the greatest loot in the whole game. It is not an expansion that puts out everything all at once. Instead, the Black Armory has a stable stream of forge events during the season. This provides a constant income of weapons and armor. If you find it hard and time-consuming we have for you Volundr Forge Farm, Gofannon Forge Farm and Izanami's Forge Farm.

Destiny 2 Forges Guide

First, you have to have access to the forges. There is a quest, which you pick from the Tower when you visit Ada-1. The quest is going to send you on a long hunt for components and different materials. You will have to find a weapon core from a crate, and then collect twenty-five compound Ether. The part with the weapon core requires you to go to the most southern parts of the European Dead Zone and find a rusty car. There you will have to fight a Servitor. After you beat it, look for a black crate around you. You will obtain the weapon core from it. The next step will be to collect twenty-five compound Ether. You complete that by taking down as many Fallen as you can. It adds to your inventory automatically. The Lost sectors are a place, which contains a lot of compound Ether as well.

Afterward is going to be another quest step. It will need you to earn fifteen multi-kills, and fifty hive kills with a power weapon. You advise you to take up the Escalation protocol because it has the most hive enemies and the power ammo is easily accessible there.

Next, you will need to get twenty-five powerful enemy kills. The best ways to complete this step is to do it in: Blind Well, raids and raid lairs, Escalation protocol, bounties in the Spider’s lost sector. When you complete this step, find even more powerful enemies and loot them for twenty radiant seeds. Repeat until completion.

Once that you are done, go back to the Tower and visit Ada-1 once again. Your final step will be to follow a location marked on your map. It will be an encounter at a high level, so make sure that you are at a light level of at least 610 before you start it.

How do you complete forges?

When you are done with the quest, you will be granted access to the 1st of 4 essential forges – the Volundyr forge. The forges are going to be different in their appearance, loot, and enemies, but the process of completing them will be the same.

When you are at a light level of around 610, the 1st enemy wave is going to appear to be at about 615 power, while the second wave will increase that to 620, with a 630 power boss at the end.

Here is how each of the forges works

-    There are 3 waves with increasing difficulty. Each wave is timed. The 3rd wave has a boss fight in the end.

-    You need to stay alive through hordes of enemy units.

-    From time to time, there are going to be glowing enemies. When you defeat them, they will be dropping radiant batteries. Pick the batteries up and put them into the forge that is glowing in the center of the area.

-    Defeating the glowing enemies also grant you a few more seconds on the countdown timer. The time granted depends on the difficulty of the enemy.

-    When you throw twenty radiant batteries inside the forge, you will complete one wave. If you hit the glowing beams on its side, the battery will ricochet back at you, so be careful how you put them in.

-    Deal with the batteries as quickly as possible.

-    When you get to the wave with the boss, it is going to be immune to your damage. First, you will need to kill off the small drones, which will be circling it, to take down the shield. When you destroy the shield, activate your Supers and deal damage with whatever you have at your disposal.

-    When you beat the boss, there will be a chest in the middle of the arena. Open the chest, to get your loot.

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