Destiny 2 Niobe Labs Guide

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The latest Black Armory addition is the Niobe Labs. They are pretty much different from the other activities this season. The Niobe Labs are full of complicated puzzles and challenging encounters. The end remains a mystery, even though players are always working out ways to go past the last few sections. When the whole Niobe Labs sequence has been completed, players will unlock the forge activity called Bergusia. If you find it difficult to complete the Forge we can always help you with our Niobe Labs Boost Service.

How do you access the labs?

The puzzle is situated in the “Sojourner’s camp” region of the European Dead Zone – at the bottom of the map.

Requirements for completing the activity

You can quickly complete the first sections by yourself. However, once that you have reached level 3 of Niobe’s Torment, you will have to get your Fireteam. Moreover, everybody in the team will need to own the Black Armory specifics – bow, machine gun, and sniper so that they can continue with the activity. Naturally, players should be at a high light level. The best-case scenario is you all near the level cap of 650. This way you will all be able to take on the tougher enemies that follow.

Destiny 2 Niobe Labs Guide

The 1st Puzzle

There are a few pillars around the arena, which have screens on them. Different symbols are being brought up on the screens, and you have to scope in on them by using a weapon from the Black Armory. Firstly, shoot the fire, wind, and stone symbols with the correct weapon.

The weapons relate to the symbols like this:

  • Bow – Stone
  • Sniper – Wind
  • Machine gun – Fire

When you complete the section correctly, you will hear a cue.

The 2nd Puzzle

Move between symbols with each of the weapons and shoot at even more symbols. This part can be done in whatever order.

-    Bow

You can stand onto “morning” & shoot at – “missive”, “rose”, “water”

You can stand onto “morning” & shoot at – “missive”, “trees”, “water”, “rose”

You can stand onto “wind” & shoot at – “missive”, “missive”

-    Sniper

You can stand onto “fish” & shoot at – “lotus”

You can stand onto “tiger” & shoot at – “fish”, “lotus”, “temple”.

You can stand onto “dragon” & shoot at – “archway”, “rabbit”, “bamboo”, “temple”

-    Machine gun

You can stand onto “moon” & shoot at – “T+HREBFLU+”

You can shoot at - “storm”

Once again, you will hear a cue, if you have completed this part successfully. Then, a blue crate is going to spawn on the platform, which is lower. Interact with the box, so that you can begin the section “Niobe’s Torment”.

Niobe’s Torment

1st level

Stand onto “hand” and shoot at the letters, which spell “BUTTERFLY”, while having equipped Hammerhead

2nd level

Stand onto “hand” and shoot at “fire”+”storm”, while having equipped Hammerhead

Switch to Sniper, stand onto “fish” and shoot at “rabbit”+”lotus”

3rd level

For this part, you will need at least three players out of your Fireteam. Each of the three will need to equip one of the 3 weapons from Black Armory. Next, they will have to complete the steps below simultaneously:

-    Bow – stand onto “wind” & shoot at “water”

-    Sniper – stand onto “dragon” & shoot at “bamboo”

-    Machine gun – stand onto “star” & shoot at “fire”

When you do that, a mighty Servitor is going to show up, and you will have to defeat it.

4th level

While in the air, spelling out the word “FLY”

5th level

In this part, you once again need to use different Black Armory weapons for shooting at different symbols:

-    Bow – “butterfly”

-    Sniper – “fish”

-    Machine gun – “hand”

6th level

All of you need to stand onto “butterfly” while having equipped the bow. Shoot at the symbol “forest” together again and again.

7th level

This is probably the trickiest part. It requires players to swap around their weapons. The one, holding the machine gun should have equipped a solar weapon. The one, holding the bow should have equipped an arc weapon. The one, holding the sniper should have equipped a void weapon. First, shoot with the forged weapon and then swap to the corresponding element, to shoot at the symbols

-    Bow /with an arc weapon/ - stand onto “butterfly” & shoot at “forest”, “paper”. Then, stand onto “sun” & shoot at “heart”, “heart”, “forest”, “wings”.

-    Sniper /with a void weapon/ - stand onto “wolf” & shoot at “fish”, “lotus”, “tower”. Then, stand onto “dragon” & shoot at “gate”, “rabbit”, “bamboo”, “tower”

-    Machine gun /with a solar weapon/ - stand onto “hand” & shoot at “+ULFBERH+T”.

Once that you are done with this part, you will be rewarded with an exotic Ghost shell and an emblem.

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