Destiny 2 Scourge Of The Past Guide

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This Black Armory expansion is different from the previous ones. It is so because the content is released in a steady stream. On top of all of the activities and loot that come with it, there is a new raid to be completed.

Scourge of the past has no connection to the Dreaming city, so it is not a Raid lair. It is set inside the Last city on Earth and is of medium length. There are various types of encounters in Scourge of the Past, as well. If you find it hard we can always help you with the raid with our Scourge of the Past Raid Boost Service.

Destiny 2 Scourge Of The Past Guide

-    You should be around the light level of 640+. Otherwise, the growing difficulty of the encounters will most likely overpower you.

-    Get all stocked up on raid banners from the vendor Petra Venj. They help you to regain Super and Heavy energy during the encounters, which is a very helpful bonus for you.

-    Gather a solid team and choose different classes and Supers. The perfect combination would be mixing healing and damage. Also, grab the “Well of Radiance” when you go into battle because it is so great. Get an orb generating tool as well.

-    Stack up on weapons. Get your most powerful weapons for maximum damage potential. You can get “Whisper of the Worm”, “Thunderlord”, “Cluster Bomb rocket launcher”.

-    There is a sparrow section in the raid, so grab one with a quick summoning time.

-    Check the corners of the map for hidden chests, because they reward pretty good gear in raids.

-    Be prepared to spend some time dealing with the raid. So make your plans beforehand and ensure some free time.

Loot and rewards

     1. Armor sets

  • Titan – “Bulletsmith” mark, ire helm, gauntlets, greaves, and plate
  • Hunter – “Bladesmith” cloak, strides, grips, vest, and memory mask
  • Warlock – “Gunsmith” bond, boots, gloves, robes, devotions crown

      2. Weapon drops

  •  “Bellowing giant” – Legendary – Giant rocket launcher
  •    “No feelings” – Legendary – Scout rifle
  •   “Threat level” – Legendary – Shotgun
  •    “Tempered dynamo” – Legendary – Fusion rifle
  •    “Anarchy” – Exotic – Grenade launcher

     3. Cosmetic drops

  •  “Always on time” – Exotic – Sparrow /in a chest after the “sparrow area”/
  •    Emblems


  • 1st encounter

Start by scaling buildings and moving to the center. You will see a Berserker. When you get close to him, he will create a shield, which nerfs you. The shield will also expose his weak spots – on the chest and back. Assign one player to shoot each one of the weak spots. After the shield drops, the Berserker can get hit. Use shotguns to deal damage once his barrier is down.

After he has been taken down, pick up the sphere that he drops. Place the sphere in a nearby device. This will charge a new map, in which the players will be glowing in yellow. There will also be 4 green locations with dots marking them. These dots will show you the right way. Another thing, there is going to be a red icon with a sphere above. This is where the next Berserker is.

Two players should stay around and watch the map while fighting off adds. The rest should go and fight the Berserker. When he is dead, two orbs will drop. Pick those orbs up. When you do, the icons for the players, who picked the orbs will start showing dots above them. Each player should go to the green location marked with the same amount of dots. When the player arrives at the site, they should leave the sphere there. Be careful, because if you deliver the orb to the wrong place, you will die instantly. The best option is to deal with one orb at a time.

This will repeat a few times. Each time you go through this cycle, make sure that one player goes to the marked green location with the orb and the other goes back to the map. The carrier of the orb should also get help from the other teammates because of the incoming enemies. Repeat until the encounter ends. One of the orbs will grant you the Ionized debuff. When you get it, let the debuffed player go back to the map.

At the end of the whole cycle, drop down the holes, which are placed around the city, to obtain your reward.

  • 2nd encounter

The holes around the domed buildings will send you to the tunnels. The tunnels are difficult to navigate, but you will need to find your way to the open rooms. From there, look for a place that leads to a hole in the wall. Go inside, to get to the next part of the raid. Jump up on the piped pathway, then back and to your left. Follow the looped path until you get there. There will be a slit hole on the right wall on the top of a pile of rocks. When you go through the hole, you will find yourself inside a cave. Drop to the bottom of the cave and follow the pathway with the Sparrow. At the end of the path, there will be a shielded door with 2 terminals on its sides. You will see a holographic image of a hand on the terminals. Melee both terminals simultaneously. This is going to trigger the “Botza underground” encounter. Two blast doors will open, and you should send your teammates through with a Sparrow as quickly as possible.

There is going to be a giant flaming boss, who will be chasing you. If he gets too close, he will kill you instantly. You have got to outrun the boss, so try spreading out. Somebody will probably die, but you need 2 players to be alive, to continue ahead. The two should once again hit the consoles at the end at the same time. This will end the encounter.

  • 3rd encounter

After the door closes, you will find yourself in a new area with caves and pillars. Look around for pillars with pipes on them. When you find one, jump onto the pipes and use them to navigate through the top section of the level. Eventually, you will get to a cave entrance. Go through, and you will come through a wide opening. Jump down and go through the caves. In the end, you will see a huge hole, which will lead to an armory. This is the way to the encounter that follows.

The 3rd and 4th encounters both take place in the same arena. On the 3rd, a boss is going to spawn in the middle. It will not take any damage. To kill the boss, you will have to summon tanks.

Look for a yellow-barred enemy in the back middle of the place. Near that enemy, you will see 4 holes on the ground, which are electrified. When you kill the yellow-bar, this disables the electricity, and you are clean to go in.

Send 4 teammates inside the underground ring. Split them into two pairs. Inside, look for generators. One player of each pair should melee the generator, to collect its charge. The circle means “Continuous charge”, the triangle means “Angular charge”. The square means “Parallel charge”. Do not try to melee the red consoles, which have some glitchy symbols on them, because this is going to kill you. When you get the charge, a circle will appear around your pair. Do not get too close or you will hurt each other. To avoid that, rotate teams.

You need two charges of the same kind. For that to happen, the other teammates, who are not in the tunnels should deal with the other Servitor. This will reset the consoles and allow you to acquire another one. While you are getting the charge, your partner should deal with the adds.

When both couples already have their paired charges, the players above will need to kill the Servitor. Then, the 2 people, holding the charges should spawn tanks at specific places. The places for that are the huge flat pads, with consoles next to them, onto which you must place the charge. The pads are in the front right, left and the back middle of the arena.

As you fight the boss with tanks, some red beams are going to shoot bullets at you. Keep yourselves in motion. When your tank’s health gets to red, shoot one last time and get out of it.

After the tanks have died, repeat the whole thing all over. Have another team go down, while the others fight the Servitor, to reset the charge. Two more charge pairs and two tanks later, you will beat the boss. Next, go back to the beginning to get a Raid chest.

  • 4th encounter

The last boss is in the same arena. However, first, you will need to take down the Berserker, who is carrying an orb. Grab it when he is killed and plant it just like at the beginning of the raid. Another map is going to spawn.

The process is the same as before, and the symbols work the same way. Two players should stand the area where the map is and command the rest of the team. When the first sphere has been placed, a new location of a Berserker is going to appear on the map. Send a team there. First, take care of the Marauders and then the Berserker with the same strategy as before.

He will drop two spheres this time. The spheres will need to be left at the matching dots locations. You best handle this part one orb at a time, as well. The marked areas are also the locations where the tanks will spawn. Repeat 4 times, to spawn the tanks.

While one part of the team is busy with that, the rest should be fighting the enormous boss in the center of the arena. The boss will have white marks on his body. Shoot at these marks and his shield will go down. In the best possible outcome, you will have taken care of all the orbs, and the tanks will be ready to go by then,

Start to damage the boss with the tanks as soon as possible. When the shields are down, he will open up his stomach and release a Servitor.

If you notice that the boss is charging up, start nailing him with tanks or get out of his way to prevent a wipeout. Use the tanks for clearing adds as well.

The best way to deal damage to the boss is to look out for his EMP blast. When he does it, players are going to receive either a “Parallel”, “Angular”, or a “Continuous” charge. Shoot at the symbol, which matches the charge, to maximize the damage output. Moreover, stand next to the other person with a charge like yours while you shoot and avoid other players because they will debuff you. The fight may have to be completed two or three times, but the principle remains the same.

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