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Destiny 2 Devil’s Ruin Exotic Sidearm Guide

Author: Joy

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The exotic sidearm, called “Devil’s Ruin” finally made its appearance in Destiny 2. This gun stands out with 2 major perks – the main one is called “Close the gap”, and the second one is “Pyrogenesis”. “Close the gap” allows the gun to shoot normally with standard trigger presses and at the same time turn into a laser, whenever you hold the trigger. “Pyrogenesis” allows the player to refill their ammo from the reserves, in case they have successfully fully charged a laser blast.

The quest for the Devil’s Ruin is neither a long, nor a hard one. You can always use our Destiny 2 Devil's Ruin Boost Service if you want this weapon as soon as possible. 

In case you're going to obtain it alone, here are the steps to complete and get the sidearm:

  • Timelost Weapon Frame:

When you log in, you are going to get a notice. In this notice, Saint-14 is telling you how to start the quest. You will need to finish a “Sundial” run on planet Mercury and defeat the enemy champions. You start the quest by entering “Sundial”.
Once you finish the “Sundial” run, you have to interact with a console in the center of the room. Then, you will be able to pick up not only the traditional weapons but also the “Devil’s Ruin” quest step, called “A moment in time”. Get the timelost weapon frame and go on to the second step of the quest.

  • A Lost Relic:

In the second step of the “Devil’s ruin” quest, you will need to go to Saint-14, who is at the Tower hangar and turn in the “Moment in time” quest to him. He is going to send you off, on a mission on the crucible map “Twilight gap”.

  • A Tour Through History:

In the third and last step of this quest, you will need to collect some weapon fragments. This happens in the Twilight gap on planet Earth. In order to do that, select the mission “Parts long lost” in the European Dead Zone. You will land in the Crucible map “Twilight gap”. Your goal is to find dead robots and reclaim their weapon parts.
There are going to be ten crucible robots, which are scattered around the “Twilight gap”. Since the area is not that big at all, you will probably have no problem finding all of them. Once you do, you will receive the “Devil’s ruin” Exotic sidearm.
You can choose to stick around and listen to the conversation of Saint-14, Shaxx, and Osiris. They will be talking about the old days for a few minutes and say some really funny things.

Destiny 2 Devil’s Ruin Exotic Sidearm Guide - More About The Devil’s Ruin:

The “Devil’s Ruin” is awesome but also a little bit weird to get used to. The gun fires standard shots when you tap the trigger. However, if you hold the trigger down, it blasts a fire beam that destroys everything in its way. Mind that the beam can also stagger Unstoppable champions. If you prefer to use the laser, your ammo doesn’t even need to be full. Regardless of how much of your magazine you have used, the sidearm will reload itself before it switches to laser mode.

This gun is perfect for both – PvE and PvP!

In PvE mode, you can obliterate most of the enemies with only a few shots. It works best against large groups of enemies. Almost instantly you can even get rid of Fallen captains, with their big shields.
In PvP mode, the gun is still powerful but very hard to use. You can kill an enemy with a couple of standard shots. The downside is that if you choose to use the laser mode, you will be much more exposed to damage. The good news is that if you manage to do it, you will destroy every Guardian you hit. This weapon is extremely useful for players with a higher level of skill because of its versatility.

Author Joy
Published 2020-01-18
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