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Overwatch Storm Rising Achievements Farm - Description

Overwatch Storm Rising is the 3rd "Overwatch Archives" event and includes Genji, Mercy, Winston, and Tracer. The event takes place on the Havana map, which is divided into different areas with enemy waves.  Players are given a choice of Storm Rising and Storm Rising (All Heroes), the latter allowing them to choose between any available heroes. Along with the normal and all heroes modes, the event offers different levels of difficulty, which reward different achievements. Boosting Ground's Storm Rising Achievements Farming service offers the following achievements:

  •  Storm Warning - Completion of the Storm Rising Story with the 4 heroes
  • Tempest - Completion of the Storm Rising Story on Hard Difficulty
  • Maelstrom - Completion of the Storm Rising Story on Expert Difficulty
  • Hurricane - Completion of the Storm Rising Story on Legendary Difficulty
  • Freelancers - Completion of  the Storm Rising (All Heroes) with 8 different heroes
  • Storm Chaser - Completion of  the Storm Rising (All Heroes) on Hard Difficulty
  • Storm Rider - Completion of  the Storm Rising (All Heroes) on Expert Difficulty
  • Eye of the Hurricane - Completion of  the Storm Rising (All Heroes) on Legendary Difficulty with NO incapacitations
  • All Achievements!

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