3v3 Competitive Elimination in Overwatch

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Overwatch has been updated with a new competitive mode. It is called Overwatch 3v3 Competitive elimination. The mode rewards Competitive Points (CP) and also a spray, which use is going to be explained later.

What Do We Need To Know About The New Overwatch 3v3 Mode?

The first season of the mode is already out. It differs from the 6v6 Elimination mode by the newly introduced requirement to first be in a group, before you enter. You can find the 3v3 Elimination in the Arcade menu, under the name 3v3 Lockout elimination. After its name, you will not be able to choose the same hero for the rest of the match, if you have already won one round with it. The losing team will not get affected by this rule. This way, the game becomes more intense as you progress, because your choice of heroes shrinks. The available maps are, as follows: Necropolis, Castillo, Black Forest, Ayutthaya, and Antarctica. In the Game browser, the map list for Elimination mode includes additional redesigned Control sub-maps. Health packs are disabled for the maps, to achieve a purer match altogether. The picks and bans system is not going to be a part of the mode. Victory comes after you have defeated the enemy team three times, just like in the 6v6 Competitive elimination mode. Players, who are killed are not going to respawn, and their bodies are not going to disappear from the map, which means that they can be resurrected anytime. At the end of each round, the winning team is going to receive a point. If two minutes pass, without any winner, an area is going to be marked. In thirty seconds this area is going to become a capture point, so the team who captures it wins. Season 1 of the 3v3 Elimination is most likely to end on July 17th, 2018. 

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How To Play In A Competitive Mode? 

You begin with ten games for placement /like in 6v6/, and you are placed somewhere between 1 and 5000. The hidden-matchmaking rating is different from the normal Competitive mode. You are not allowed to leave the match and enter another one before its end. If you keep doing that, you will get a restriction to play in the mode. Another difference from this mode is the top 500 ladder. At the end of the season, you will get rewarded sprays and CP, which will stack up together with the CP from the normal Competitive mode. However, there is a 6000CP cap, which means that you are not going to get more Competitive Points for winning if you save 6000 points, but you will still get CPs at the end of the season. 

What Are The Rewards? 

Here are the Competitive Points you are going to receive at the end, based on your Skill Ranking Tier: 

Grandmaster – 1000CP 

Master – 750CP 

Diamond – 450CP 

Platinum – 300CP 

Gold – 150CP 

Silver – 75CP 

Bronze – 40CP 

Additionally, you will get a player icon and a spray for participation. There is a Top 500 Ladder, which rewards the best players a Top 500 player icon and a spray. To sit amongst the best players, you can customize your boost, including the Top 500. 

Recommended teams for the 3v3 Competitive Elimination mode As you may have guessed, some heroes, which were suitable for 6v6, are not going to be of any use in the 3v3 mode. In the Antarctica map, for example, the team should be sticking together and not rely on flanking. Strategies for the 3v3 can vary – you can use the splash/burst damage and then heal, diversify the range of the players in the team and cut the enemy team down to two players as soon as possible. The recommended hero combinations, to optimize your team are: 

Ana, Soldier 76 & Roadhog

Roadhog is necessary for this mode. If you pluck an enemy player with his hook at the beginning of the game, you will most likely turn the chances in your favor. Also, he is quite massive and can lead the attack. Kills through a wall are also going to be of use. The scrap gun causes splash damage when up close and also heals the hero. This dude is everything you want for this type of game. 

Ana is effective at long range. She can heal big time, too. Another thing, by using the sleep dart, you can separate a player from their team and take them out easier. 

Soldier 76 also heals himself and the team with the biotic field, which he has. However, his biggest asset is the rifle, which deals perfect damage in medium range. The helix rockets do plenty of splash damage, too. Best to use, when the opposite team is sticking together. 

Pharah, Mercy & Roadhog

Roadhog’s use here is to flank retreating enemies, who are trying to evade Pharah’s rockets. He can heal himself well enough and doesn’t need much help from Mercy. Also, with the right timing, he and Pharah can do nasty splash damage. 

Pharah can basically knock out a couple of enemies from above with only a few rockets. Mercy can damage-boost her and keep her alive and airborne. 

Ana, Soldier 76 & Reinhardt

This team is a more defensive one. Soldier 76 can hide behind Reinhardt’s shield and deal damage from there. Ana can do shots at long-range and hide behind Reinhardt as well. Reinhardt himself does immense damage with the hammer and charge attacks. He should guard the other two and keep them close to avoid lethal damage. Soldier 76 and Ana can heal him in a short-range. The best strategy for this team is to wait for the enemy to attack first. 

McCree, Zenyatta & Roadhog

This choice makes for a very active play. The Orb of Discord of Zenyatta can help the other two heroes kill off the enemies without much sweat. The Orb of Harmony can heal them, while they push forward. Roadhog can absorb quite a lot of damage if he is in his top form and Zenyatta and McCree can deal the mid- and long-range damage. 

Mei, Roadhog & Reinhardt

This team doesn’t need a support hero since Roadhog and Mei can heal themselves, and Reinhardt has a shield. Mei is perfect for separating enemies from their teammates. She can rise a wall between a single player and their team, Roadhog can either hook them from there, or Reinhardt can hammer them. Mei can also sneak behind somebody and freeze them, making them the easiest target for the two tanks.

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