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Overwatch Baptiste Hero Guide

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

Released by Blizzard Entertainment back in 2016, this massively popular FPS title took the world by storm and quickly amassed millions of fans around the world! Originally this was supposed to be a different game named Project Titan, but it got canceled and instead, we got Overwatch, which actually uses some assets from Titan. With it’s fast-paced, chaotic gameplay and the cartoony aesthetic choice, not to mention the unique abilities of each hero certainly makes for an interesting take on the traditional shooter. Apart from the normal guns each hero gets, their unique spells add a powerful twist to each round, making the gameplay absolutely unpredictable. There are 2 main modes - Quick play and Competitive Play. There are also occasional weekly events such as Arcade, which are events with special rules and rewards if you complete them!

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Overwatch Baptiste Hero Abilities Overview

Now here’s a support hero that’s really unique in terms of abilities and also has a very high skill cap, so if you think you can just pick him up and be good right from the get-go, think again! His kit is actually quite fun to play around with, but if used properly can make a huge difference between loss and victory. His ability to jump really high and also the biotic gun offers a great variety when it comes to utility, so you’ll have a lot to work with. Of course, getting to know his abilities and playstyle will be useful in the long-run and you can use many different strategies once you get good with his abilities. You can try out not just pro Overwatch Baptiste Hero strategies, but you’ll eventually learn to create your own the more you play him.

Exo Boots

Overwatch Hero Baptiste - exo boost abilityNow here’s a pair of fancy sneakers you’d want to go everywhere with! When Baptiste crouches, he charges his boots and then can rocket jump into the sky, about 9 meters up! That’s a really fun ability to do wherever you are, but it also has some practical use, especially when creating distance between yourself and enemies! First of all, it can give you access to the high ground in any map, which is a big enough benefit on its own! Not only that, but that allows you to combo your abilities with other high mobility allies, who can move freely through the high points of the maps! This also allows him to hop high into the air in the middle of a heated battle, while throwing healing grenades down on his allies, keeping them healthy, while remaining almost unreachable. Another cool tip is that when you jump into the air and have abilities on cooldown, it might be just enough for them to be castable again, which is a nice little bonus! In Overwatch Baptiste Hero gameplay differs from player to player, so find the playstyle that suits you best!

Immortality Field

Overwatch Hero Baptiste - immortality fieldThis is one of the most overpowered abilities in Overwatch to date. It provides invulnerability to any allies who stand within it, even if they’re about to be killed. This is a huge buff to any team that has Baptiste on their side, but it has a 20-second cooldown, meaning you should be careful when you use it. It's used when you’re just about engaging and a big teamfight breaks up, you’re all grouped together in one place and you just have to fight it out. It’s even useful when you’re holding down a point, making your allies immortal temporarily definitely adds more survivability and sustain, especially if you’ve got beefy tanks holding down the frontlines. It also is a good ultimate-blocker for enemies that have ultimates that can potentially execute your allies, this is really useful in those types of situations. In Overwatch Baptiste Hero strategies are many on the internet, but remember that they change, because of in-game patches and changes to the meta.

Regenerative Burst

Overwatch Hero Baptiste - regenerative burst abilitySadly Baptiste can’t heal himself with his grenades, but he does have something else up his sleeve. Regenerative burst allows him to heal 30 health per sec for 5 seconds. It also heals allies who are close by for the same, making it really useful for big, aggressive teamfights. Try to combo Regenerative Burst with Healing Grenades and you’ll keep your team very healthy throughout the whole fight, making the opponents fall back really fast! Of course, like any other healer in the team, it’s important to keep yourself at high health, try using Regenerative Burst near very wounded allies who are low on health, so both you and your teammates can benefit from the spell. Overwatch Baptiste Hero tactics may actually vary depending on the map, as you should always be aware of your surroundings, keep in mind that the enemy will do so as well and could surprise you, so be watchful!

Amplification Matrix

Overwatch Hero Baptiste - amplification matrix abilityBaptiste creates a rectangular area in which friendly projectiles, both healing and damaging are amplified by 100%. This means that all shots and healing done in this zone is 200% more effective, double the damage, double the healing! This is really useful in big teamfights, but also making sure to position it correctly is important. You can’t just put it anywhere, you have to make sure it’s in a beneficial position for your team! It’s also crucial for your team to push through and stand in the matrix while they’re firing and you and other healers are healing them! We’ve probably mentioned it before but communication is important here, so you know when to fire and when to hold back and be healed! The best strategy would be to have your team firing through the matrix while you heal them from the back but also being careful not to get hit by enemy bullets! It’s a difficult strategy but if you manage to pull it off it’s gonna be quite rewarding and almost always guarantee your team a round win! Also watching some Overwatch Baptiste Hero gameplay videos can greatly improve your own plays!

Overwatch Baptiste Hero Tips And Tricks

Overwatch Hero Baptiste - Biotic launcher abilityVery similar to Ana’s gun, Baptiste’s weapon can heal and deal damage, but it’s important to prioritize healing instead of shooting enemies. You’re gonna be using your grenade launcher a lot, which heals allies with a few burst heals and you can use them with alternate firing. It’s quite easy to use your healing a lot, especially when you have Regenerative Burst, which provides you with a lot of survivability. If you do decide to deal damage, be sure to aim for the head, because his primary burst fire isn’t all that strong. When Baptiste reloads he fills up his main fire and his healing grenades so in some cases its economical to exhaust both before reloading if you get that chance of course! You can check out some other Overwatch Baptiste Hero guides and compare them, getting the most out of each and adding to your own personal Baptiste Hero strategy!

Overwatch Baptiste Hero Counters

Overwatch Baptiste Hero CountersBaptiste is quite a big guy, so he’d be an easy target for enemies, but he has normal health points, which put him at a disadvantage as he’s no tank! He’s easy pickings for snipers that can shoot him down from afar, especially if he happens to stray out into wide-open areas. Tanks like D.Va or Roadhog will also overwhelm him, because of their large hp pool. While playing as Baptiste, remember that you’re a healer and that you should stay close to your tanks, letting them take the damage, as they’re meant to, while you heal from the backlines and make them beefy enough to withstand a push right into the enemy! The strategy here is to heal them like crazy until you’re up in the enemy’s face and there’s nowhere left for them to run! In order to best counter your opponents you need to communicate effectively with your teammates and be sure to rely on their protection, or else you’ll be dying quite often and that’s not what you want! In Overwatch Baptiste Hero aggressive plays are common, especially because he’s a bursty-heal type of hero!

Overwatch Baptiste Hero Best Tactics

Overwatch Hero Baptiste - tipsFirst and foremost, playing as Baptiste, you’ll want to stay at the backline and heal your allies at the front, especially the tank with your healing grandes, even spamming them sometimes, in case the enemy decides to burst your teammates. While healing them, if you reach a certain point of overheal you can try to score as many headshots as you can, if you’re doing really well! It’s a nice idea to keep Regenerative Burst off cooldown, especially if the enemy suddenly pushes through your team, that way you have a failsafe plan! Also, don’t be afraid to use Immortality field if you see your team is falling behind and needs a little push. Amplification Field is a bit too hard for newer players to understand, so don’t worry if you don’t succeed at using it properly the first few times. If you’re healing enough, your ultimate will charge pretty fast, so you can use it again quite soon! In Overwatch Baptiste Hero defensive strategies are also common, especially if your team is being overwhelmed by the enemy, in which case Immortality field is a good option to stand your ground and give your tanks the chance to break the enemy aggravators and push through!

Overwatch Baptiste Hero Synergies

Overwatch Baptiste Hero SynergiesBaptiste is a good backline healer mainly for tanks, very similar to Anna. He heals best when there’s big, beefy tanks in front of him, that he can burst heal, so with that in mind, good heroes for him would be Reinhardt, Zarya, Roadhog and similar ones. His main focus isn’t DPS allies and they don’t matter all that much to him, but some support heroes make excellent teammates for him! He’s designed to support and heal tanky targets, but another healer in the team can help out greatly if you decide to make an aggressive push. You’d be surprised at how quickly he can burst heal allies in a really short amount of time. A very good Overwatch Baptiste Hero strategy would be to push head-on and aggressively, as your tanks soak up the damage and you burst heal them really good!

The Benefits of Boosting

Overwatch Hero Baptiste - boostingBoosting has been around in gaming as long as there have been games! This is a particularly useful part of the community for a number or reasons. First of all, it can be beneficial to players who have fallen behind, whether it be in gear, leveling, ranking, or other similar things, boosters can help other players catch-up and enjoy the latest content a game has to offer! As long as there is a need and search for boosting, players will seek it out. It’s also a fair trade-off, most of the time for in-game currency, which gives back into the economy of the game. In fact, there was such a search for it, that some games offer in-game boosting for real money, that’s how popular it has become. Boosters are a healthy part of the community, as they offer valuable services and add to the feeling of community!

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