Overwatch 2 Expectations

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There have been recent speculations about the development of Overwatch 2 by Blizzard. Anonymous sources talk about the canceling of a new Starcraft game. The “Battlefield in Starcraft” project has been erased and now more people will be working on Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2. 

Even if this information is true, it is difficult to imagine what a sequel would look like. Even now players are regularly given new maps and heroes for free. Especially with the 2 new features – Replays and Workshop, the sequel is shrouded in mystery. However, some details are more believable than others.

Overwatch 2 Expectations - Campaign

The leaked report suggests that Overwatch 2 will pay more attention to PvE modes, which could possibly have a connection with the seasonal co-op events during Archives. Since some of the anonymous sources compared Overwatch 2 to Left 4 Dead, this would mean that the supposed campaign will support up to 4 people. The current PvE includes 4 heroes, which only makes this information more believable. Players have been asking for a sequel to Overwatch mainly because of this reason. The multiplayer is still widely played but fans desire a true campaign mode. The PvE modes, along with the short films, seem to be leading to an immersive experience with a cohesive story.

Overwatch 2 Expectations - New Character

There are 30 heroes in Overwatch. However, the universe extends even further. Blizzard constantly releases additional materials in the form of short stories, comics, and short films. These materials expand the lore, which connects the characters to one another.

It is likely that in the second Overwatch game we will be introduced to a number of new characters from other Overwatch media. For example, Maximilien, who was introduced in the PvE event “Storm Rising”, is developed far more in the “Masquerade” comic. There are also Liao (one of the founding members), as well as Lynx Seventeen (who is accompanying Zarya after the events of “Infiltration“). In order for us to have a cohesive story, these characters should be included. The additional materials, of course, help for the character building.

Overwatch 2 Expectations - New Game Modes

Overwatch’s Control, Hybrid, Escort, and Payload modes have aged well but the second game might have some new modes in store for us. The Battle Royale genre continues to gain popularity. This is why Blizzard might decide to include a BR to Overwatch 2. Moreover, players have been experimenting with the new Workshop feature. And they have some pretty nice ideas, too. Overwatch 2 might include a MOBAesque mode for example. However, we are not sure if the game is meant to replace its predecessor or not after all.

Overwatch 2 – An Expansion?

Blizzard is currently constantly updating Overwatch and it is unlikely that they will drop that off the bat. Overwatch 2 could simply be more of a huge expansion – something like WoW’s Battle for Azeroth. If that’s the case, the second game will be more of a sequel – an Overwatch 2.0. It will be more of a drastic revamp than a completely detached concept. 

If it adds more of the PvE elements, players will be able to smoothly switch between a campaign and a multiplayer mode. They would still be able to group up and play competitively but also have the option to play co-op through PvE missions. Even if it is a completely different game, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sequel.

Overwatch 2 – A Standalone Game?

In case that Overwatch 2 is entirely PvE-based, Blizzard would still support it as their ultimate multiplayer experience. This leads us to think that the 2 Overwatch games could exist simultaneously, instead of Overwatch 2 existing just to replace or upgrade the first one.

Overwatch 2 could offer new experiences in the same world without outshining Overwatch. For example, players enjoy playing both World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. Overwatch 2 could just be another part of Blizzard’s worldbuilding, holding an extensive universe. This seems to be the most probable option for them but we won’t know for sure until Blizzcon on the 1st of November. Then, we will get more insight into Overwatch 2, as well as Diablo 4, and some extra information about what Blizzard has been up to this past year.

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