Overwatch 2018 Summer Games

Author: Maison

At the beginning of August, Blizzard announced the Overwatch 2018 Summer Games event and it’s all about to kick off tomorrow!

In this Overwatch 2018 Summer Games guide, we’ll go through all the information you’d need on this new event. This includes the full list of new skins, as well as the return of the super fun Lucio Ball game mode, which made its debut about two years ago.


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Overwatch 2018 Summer Games


The first time we encountered Overwatch Summer Games event was back in 2016 (seems like a lifetime ago). Since then, the event returned for last years Summer. Now it’s time to get the summer vibes going again as Overwatch 2018 Summer Games event will be live tomorrow, August 9.


As with every Overwatch event, Summer Games 2018 will be live for a limited time only. This year’s event will end on August 28, so go take part in all the fun and in-game celebrations while the event is still running.

Lucio Ball will also end on August 28, so you’ll got about 20 days to enjoy it. If Lucio Ball has a Ranked mode as last year, our Competitive Lucio Ball services will be active as soon as the Overwatch 2018 Summer Games event is live, so don’t hesitate to check them out!


Lucio Ball Competitive


As we’ve mentioned above, it’s quite likely that Lucio Ball Competitive mode will be returning this year. However, we don’t know that 100% yet.

In case the mode is part of the event, we’ll be ready as same as last year, to offer you all the necessary Lucio Ball Competitive services to help you get high rankings and rewards!


Overwatch 2018 Summer Games Legendary Skin List


Below, you’ll find a list of all the Summer Games 2018 legendary skins that have been revealed from Blizzard so far. We’ll keep updating the list as the skins are being revealed prior to the Overwatch 2018 Summer Games event launch!

Overwatch D.Va Skin

Overwatch Ana Skin

Overwatch Winston Skin

  • Returning Skins

As you most likely know, with Overwatch 2018 Summer Games event we’ll get the chance to buy all the legendary skins from the 2016 and 2017 Summer Games event, all at a lower price.

So if you’ve had your eyes on some Summer Games skins for some time now, Overwatch 2018 Summer Games event is your chance to get them!


Here are some of the skins from previous years:

Overwatch Junkrat Skin

Overwatch Widowmaker Skin

Overwatch Soldier:76 Skin

Overwatch McCree Skin

Overwatch Reaper Skin

This is all the information that’s been revealed from Blizzard so far. We’ll be sure to update this guide if more stuff come out, so stay tuned! 

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Published 2018-08-08
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