Overwatch Event Anniversary - What's new?

Author: Joy

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Overwatch Event Anniversary: beginning, skins, and more

The Anniversary of Overwatch 2020 brings some fantastic skins, challenges and rewards worth three weeks.

It is starting on Tuesday, the 19th of May – just a bit earlier than the actual game anniversary – the 24th of May, and it continues through the 9th of June.

All previous event brawls will be back for this year’s event, and the seasonal goodies will be enabled, which makes it a great time to get Moira’s best skin from the game - Blackwatch). There are some opportunities to get some limited rewards after winning 9 times per week, such as:

  • 1st week: Carbon Fiber Sigma
  • 2nd week: Fleur de Lis Widowmaker
  • 3rd week Masked Man McCree

The anniversary of Overwatch 2020 is bringing us some of the most exciting skins so far. For example, the Masquerade Reaper which was presented before the Anniversary in the 2017 event and then disappearing completely. Other cosmetics extend from cool once such as Dragoon Mercy, to the funny Little Red Ashe and the dressed as wolf in grandma clothing Bob.

New skins 2020 for Overwatch

  • Masquerade Reaper
  • Huitzilopochtli Zenyatta
  • Little Red Ashe
  • Submarine Wrecking Ball
  • Dragoon Mercy

Usually, during the event you will be able to open different new icons, emotes, and sprays.  

You can see that the company works on full speed, and although everyone waits for Overwatch 2 while Blizzard still handles Overwatch there are very inspiring modern skins and ingenious changes of the game.

Author Joy
Published 2020-05-18
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