Overwatch Brigitte Hero (General Playstyle Guide)

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In this Overwatch Brigitte guide, we will try to help you understand how to utilize her kit and what playstyle suits her the best. We are going to break down this article into two main sections.

In the first, we’re going to talk about the larger context of the maps and team compositions that Brigitte will be powerful on.

 In the second, we’ll pay more attention to her kit and how the utility it offers helps in shaping a playstyle. 

Brigitte Needs To Be Active 

The first detail that we want you to keep in mind while playing Brigitte is that she needs to be active in fights, in order to get maximum value.

A lot of that has to do with her passive ability Inspire. For those who are unfamiliar, Inspire will heal your nearby allies for 80 HP over 5 seconds, every time you swing a hit with Briggite’s flail. Her healing utility is broken down in such a way, that you want her passive ability Inspire to do the main job of healing your teammates.

The Repair Kit ability is strong and it has some very specific and powerful impacts on the game. The fact that it’s on a cooldown means that you’d want to save it and carefully execute it in a situation, where you can get the most out of it.

In short - to get the most healing value out of her, you would really need to be proccing that Inspire passive ability as often as you can. 

Brigitte Is A Frontline Support 

Because of her abilities, she pairs really well with compositions that want to brawl. Brigitte is pretty good herself when fighting on the frontlines alone, but it is all about how much better she can make other heroes fighting next to her. 

Brigitte Hero Synergies 

Perhaps she is best paired with Reinhardt. She helps Reinhardt fight in the origin story and now in the actual game. With her backing him up with extra healing and armor, Reinhardt will never have more fun pressing forward. 

Needless to say that she can’t work with Winston or Zarya because she can’t really move fast herself. You would need a Lucio as well, so she can get in the right place, at the right time. 

When To Play Brigitte? 

Remember that Brigitte needs to be an active fighter in order to get access to her full value. Therefore she works best in compositions similar to Rein Deathball.

An Attack on King’s Row for an example, where the map geometry favors the brawl playstyle, will be a great choice to pick Brigitte!

Avoid Playing Brigitte When … 

  • You are playing on a map with wide-open spaces and layouts that will allow your opponents to simply avoid you. It is very similar to Reinhardt’s viability. Everywhere he is not performing well, chances are that the same will be true for Brigitte.  

  • When you are in Bunker Composition Defense (Orisa/Bastion/Torb).The reason is, although her kit might still be useful, Brigitte won’t get the chance to be active enough, which as we already know, won’t let her make the most out of her abilities.

  • Bunker Comp is a spam keep-away style, and Brigitte does not treat fights like a spectator’s sport, she wants to get involved in the action.

  • The main healer that is more comfortable in a passive playstyle would make a lot more sense in that context.

  • The last thing you want to do with Brigitte is to stand still and wait. You will not be able to activate inspire often enough and the Repair Kit utility won’t be up to the task of filling up that gap.
    That’s actually a big part of the reason why Brigitte and Orisa don’t really work well as a team.
    Orisa wants to keep everyone at arm’s length, while Brigitte is shouting – Bring it on!

How To Play Brigitte? 

Now that we’ve covered a bit of the basic of ‘where’, ‘when’, and ‘with whom’ you should play Overwatch’s latest support character, Brigitte.
Let’s take a little bit of a deeper look at her utility and find out exactly how to play with her.

First off, let’s talk about her Shield Bash!

Shield Bash 

This just might be the best stun in Overwatch! 

Shield Bash is a huge part of playing Brigitte. It is really powerful against all the squishy flankers like Genji and Tracer - Genji simply cannot deflect it and Tracer is in big trouble if it hits! This ability is also absolutely top tier in all brawl fights. 

That is assuming she’s been paired with the right Tanks, of course. 

The best way to understand how strong the Shield Bash ability is, to try and think of it as a much easier to apply and unblockable McCree flashbang. It is better in several ways - as we’ve already said, Genji can’t deflect this stun into your face and it can’t be eaten by D.Va’s Defense Matrix. 

If your opponents have picked a team composition where they fight up-close with you, they would be very susceptible to this stun’s potential. 

It’s amazing in a Reinhardt vs Reinhardt scenario, but particularly if your Rein has Earthshatter. If you time the stun well, it’s an almost guaranteed huge slam and the enemy Reinhardt won’t be able to do anything about it since your Shield Bash goes straight through his shield (another way in which Shield Bash is better than McCree’s Flashbang).

* Do note that Reinhardt's shield has to be touching the ground to block Earthshatter. If Reinhardt is looking up, it will not block it.

Also, anyone who channels Ultimates on the ground or ground-based heroes in general, like Roadhog for example, is a great Shield Bash target. This ability is the best thing about Brigitte and it is on a short cooldown, so you should always be on the lookout for ways to exploit it. 

Whip Shot 

Now, Brigitte’s ranged attack - the Whip Shot - is a bit overrated as a crowd control tool. Sure, it is possible to hit a Doomfist or a Winston jumping at you, but, well… good luck with that.

In our opinion, it is the guaranteed damage and the fact that it’s a ranged hit, that can really help you with the flow of activating your Inspire passive. This is actually the best reason to use it for.

It is an ability where you can push players off the map, similar to Lucio. You must be careful not to push enemies back to safety! 

Repair Kit 

In a similar way to her Rocket Flail, Brigitte’s Repair Kit ability is also generally a bit misunderstood.

It does a 150 HP burst of healing and half of it will overcharge into armor, if the target is already at full health, but you don’t really want to be using it to do basic things like topping anyone off. 

If you are being forced to heal with it in that way, then you probably have a bad team composition, or the team isn’t playing the composition as it should. 

You want your Inspire passive ability to do most of the heavy lifting as far as healing is concerned. 

Repair Kit is good at enabling aggressive plays or making huge clutch backline saves. 

Let’s say your team’s Zenyatta gets dove by a Tracer, 75 armor is far more valuable in that duel than trying to heal up your tank after a poke battle.

Bonus armor is so beneficial in a fight because any damage done to the armor is reduced by half, but no more than 5 damage per individual hit. 

Explained shortly - Armor is better against attacks with multiple smaller hits like Tracer’s pistols than big burst damage sources like McCree’s Peacekeeper. 

However, no matter what you are being hit by, it is still a bit more protection than regular health. 75 armor makes Zen much more resilient to Tracer’s weapons specifically. If you can clutch that play out, the impact could be absolutely crucial. 

Brigitte’s Ultimate Ability - Rally 

At first, Brigitte’s ultimate can seem a bit hard to optimize. It can give your teammates 300 armor over the course of the ult, but the initial capacity is only 150 per hero. 

We believe that the most practical way to use it, is early in the game, in order to build up to that 150 caps, and then engage with your team to keep the rest of the armor coming as you fight. 

Using Rally this way will also allow you to start activating your Inspire ability as well. It can work almost like Lucio’s ‘Drop The Beat’ on initiation, except Rally provides armor that won’t go away unless it is physically removed through damage. 

The Flow Of Playing Brigitte 

In the end, we want to talk about the flow of playing this new support hero. 

Her playstyle involves a lot of holding, a lot of lurking and looking for the best stun targets. Sneaking in melee hits whenever possible is great, as it will help you get regular activation of Inspire. This is quite crucial because as we’ve mentioned above, that’s the ability you need to get most of your healing done. If you can manage that, you’d be able to actually save the rest of her kit for crucial situations, like enabling aggressive plays or saving someone in the backline with a clutch play! This is Brigitte’s true strength and what she is amazing at. 

If you use her in the right context, on the right maps with the right teammates, Brigitte will be absolutely devastating! 

This is, of course, our pre-release of Brigitte's general playstyle guide. If you need any help in your gameplay, check our Overwatch Boosting Services!

Author Joy
Published 2018-03-20
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