Overwatch: Retribution Event Confirmed | New map | New Reaper Skin

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With Overwatch's Retribution Archives event coming in just a few days, there’s definitely an excitement building up and more than enough teases to fuel it! 

Overwatch’s very own Jeff Kaplan recently graced us with his presence at the Overwatch League’s main stage and he dropped that we’re going to be getting a new Reaper skin, a new PvP map called Rialto, that’s going to be an escort the payload map, of course, an entirely new PvE mission! 

Last year, we got the first Overwatch PvE mission called Uprising, named of course, for Tracer’s first mission in Overwatch where she was sent to King’s Row to stop the Omnic uprising that was happening there.

Retribution is also a very significant plot point in the Overwatch timeline. That’s when Gabriel Reyes started his path down to become Darth Vader or, you know, Reaper. This is the moment where he took Blackwatch a bit too far and we’re going to be able to play it on April 10th! 

According to Jeff, the Retribution PvE mission is going to have some improvements compared to last year’s Uprising. Much of the things would be exactly what you’d expect from the mode, with the different difficulty settings, the Set Story mode, and the All Heroes mode. But this time around, things will be a bit more complex with the All Heroes mode in order to scale with the OP compositions that you can create when you get to select your own team comps. And this should be a bit more interesting as we’re not just going to be fighting against reskinned and retooled versions of the Overwatch heroes, but instead, this time there’s going to be an entire cast of Talon troops and even more interesting, we’re going to face some special enemies! We saw an assassin that kind of looked like the cyber ninja from Metal Gear Solid, a classic sniper out in the distance kind of looking like Widowmaker, and then… a real big heavy guy, yes, that’s the description we’re going with. 

Last year’s Uprising hero pool was a bit more balanced, while with Retribution there are 3 DPS and 1 healer, looks kinda like a normal ranked game, doesn’t it?

We’re definitely excited about all these Overwatch News 2018 and as always, you can rely on our Overwatch Boosting Services!

Author Joy
Published 2018-04-09
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