Overwatch Winter Wonderland Is Coming Back On December 12th

Author: Joy

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Overwatch's Snowy December

Overwatch's snowy December "Winter Wonderland" event is coming soon and it has got back some well-known gameplay mode, as well as a completely new one. Everybody's favorite Christmas event - Mei's Snowball Offensive is coming back and not without lots of new rewards and fun activities.

Blizzard's very own Jeff Kaplan confirmed that lots of new legendary skins will be coming. You will have the chance to get the older skins too if you missed your chance last year.

The new arcade mode event is what we are most excited about. The mode is called Meis Yeti Hunt where 5 Mei's will battle a yeti (Winston). The fun part is that you can play both as a Mei and as a Winston, this makes it an interesting 5vs1 battle. The person controlling the Yeti will try to hide from all the Meis while finding "meat" on the map to power up his Primal Rage. Once he activates his Primal Rage, the yeti goes berserk and tries to kill as many Meis as possible. The Meis can use any means to protect themselves, like Ice wall and other abilities, they win if they manage to kill the Winston player and the yeti wins if he can take down enough Meis.

Kaplan said that even though the event might look and actually be quite ridiculous, this is very much the point of it as these events are meant to be fun. We are definitely excited to have some fun as soon as it's live!

Overwatch Winter Wonderland will be live on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 12th. You can pre-purchase boosting services on the event here at Boosting Ground. Furthermore, we have many other Overwatch Boosting Services for you!

Author Joy
Published 2017-12-10
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