Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018

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Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018

It is Christmas time again, and Blizzard Entertainment is in its festive mood. The annual Winter Wonderland event in Overwatch is out for 2018. This year the players will not experience any new game mods. However, Mei’s snowball offensive is back again, together with Yeti hunter.

In the latter one, 5 Meis will stand up against 1 Yeti player that is using Winston’s abilities. The one should gather up meat, to unlock the ability “Primal rage”. This ability makes the Yeti immune to the freezing abilities of Mei, which is a great bonus to the task of eliminating hunters. The new tool, which Mei players have in their disposal, is the “Yeti trap ultimate”, which roots the Yeti player. If they want to win, the Yeti players must stay alive as long as all Meis are dead first.

In “Mei’s snowball offensive”, the “Endothermic blaster” is modified to fire one extra-powerful snowball. With its help, players can one-shot enemies. As soon as the blaster is empty, they can reload at the closest pile of snow. Mei’s ultimate can also cause her blaster to become an automatic snowball launcher, which allows continuous shooting.

Moreover, Blizzard world, King’s row, and Hanamura are all beautiful and frosty as of now.

There are three epic and six legendary new skins, which are available for unlocking with this update. The legendary ones cost 3000 credits per piece. The cosmetics from the previous Winter Wonderland events are here now with new discounted prices /which will probably be the case with this year’s skins next year/. Players can find all of the seasonal items inside Winter loot boxes.

Other features in Winter Wonderland this year are the new Wrecking Ball intro of Hammond, where he puts Christmas lights all over his mech, new “Toast” poses for victory /we learn that Brigitte uses a cat mug to drink/, new emotes and sprays.

The team behind the game explained that they had put less effort into new mechanics and game modes because they want players to look forward to them in the future. Even though the new Winter Wonderland’s primary focus is cosmetics, it is still pretty refreshing and enjoyable to see our favorite heroes sporting more festive looks.

The next event is going to be Lunar New Year, followed by the campaign Archives, which is lore-based and yearly and comes out in March next year.

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Author Joy
Published 2018-12-17
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