Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2019 - New Modes And Skins

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2019

Author: Joy

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The latest Overwatch seasonal event – Winter Wonderland is back with its 2019 edition. It is already live for PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The Winter Wonderland event will be available from Dec 10th to Jan 2nd. Players will be able to get their hands on some brand new holiday-themed items through weekly challenges and loot boxes.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2019 - What is included?

In this year’s edition of Winter Wonderland, you will see the return of the exclusive “Mei’s Snowball Offensive” game mode. Try out this cool mode with our Overwatch Snowball Achievements Boost Service. Moreover, Blizzard introduces the newest “Snowball Deathmatch” game mode. It is a free-for-all eight-player deathmatch mode, where everybody is playing as Mei and gets a modified snowball gun. In “Snowball Deathmatch” Mei gets a new ability, which is called “Catch”. It allows you to try and catch an enemy snowball and if you succeed, it will be added to your ammo count. The winner is the 1st one to get to fifteen eliminations.

The winners get the chance to get a trio of epic tier skins. Depending on the week, players who win 9 matches will be able to get:

  • Week 1 – “Ugly Sweater” Solder:79
  • Week 2 – “Holly” Moira
  • Week 3 – “Snow Angel” Mercy

However, the coolest and most notable addition to 2019’s Winter Wonderland event is the seven brand new skins, which players can win:

  • Jötunn /Legendary/ - Doomfist gets an awesome new Viking armor just like the Norse mythology’s giants 

  • Mountain Man /Legendary/ - McCree gets this Wild West “Red Dead Redemption 2” type of skin

  • Rat King /Legendary/ - Reaper gets this new skin as a homage to “The Nutcracker” and its villain The Mouse King

  • Rime /Legendary/ -  The Rime Sigma is the only skin to be announced before the launch of The Winter Wonderland event and it is a homage to the famous Death Knight, WoW class

  • Holly /Epic/ - Moira gets this cool elf skin as a sort of compensation for her nerf this Winter Wonderland

  • Snow Angel /Epic/ - Mercy got an amazing skin last year and this year she is not disappointing us once again. The new Snow Angel skin keeps her classic look but in icy blue this time around

  • Ugly Sweater: 76 /Epic/ - Who doesn’t love an ugly sweater for Christmas? It is funny and sometimes it is useful. Our favorite super soldier gets one of the best skins this winter’s event!

Overwatch’s most popular event of the year is definitely Winter Wonderland. So be sure to tune in before Jan 2nd and embrace that festive Christmas spirit!

Author Joy
Published 2019-12-11
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