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Valorant Guns Skins Guide

Author: SweetDeath

Valorant Guns Skins And How to Use Them

Valorant was released on June 2nd, 2020 and is a hot new take on the FPS genre. It quickly gained popularity throughout the world and was streamed by many different popular streamers. The hype is real and the tone is set - This is the new big title everyone’s been waiting on. It’s a 5v5 tactical shooter with two teams composed of five players referred to as agents. Apart from their normal guns, these agents can use different unique abilities which are essentially spells to change up the dynamic of the game. It’s similar to CS:GO and Overwatch in a lot of ways, but it’s not as fast-paced, at least in early and mid-game. It’s kind of slow and methodical and you need to be aware of the layout of the map, as it is camper friendly, Riot intended it that way after all! The aesthetic and visual language of the game is appropriately designed to fit the modern-day shooters. It has a muted color palette and pastel colors and you can easily distinguish agents from the background, making it understandable. However, don’t be fooled by the first look at the game, as it offers much more than meets the eye!

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Valorant Gun Skins Overview

In this overview, we’ll take a look at the Valorant Guns skin types and what they bring to the overall gameplay. When we’re talking about skins we know they have a purely cosmetic and aesthetic function. They don’t affect gameplay at all, so you can say they’re just a bonus to the experience and make it that much more wholesome. Basically you can purchase individual skins or skin bundles with discounts from the store. When we look at the store, we can see it rotates skins in just two sections. These are the Featured Vaslorant skins - which are rotated every 2 weeks and the Offers section, which rotates every 2 to 3 days. Now here’s where it gets interesting because players can earn skins through Contracts, Battle Pass progressions or simply by buying them from the store! Skins are purchased with VP (Valorant Points) which is like Riot Points from League of Legends and is obtained with real currency through the Valorant launcher. Also, you can acquire agent-specific Valorant skins through agent contracts

Melee and Ranged Weapon Valorant Skins

Players can customize their Valorant guns and earn cosmetic upgrades through Contracts, Battle Pass progression or by directly buying them from the store. The Valorant skins don’t affect your gameplay at all, they are purely a visual and aesthetic upgrade, so there are no pay to win elements here. The models themselves, as well as the animations, visual and audio effects, may be different for each skin, but they shouldn’t affect gameplay at all. Other players, both allies and enemies will see your custom weapon skin but won’t actually see the different reload animations, visual and sounds effects or any other specific effects, only you can see that.

Valorant Radianite Points

Riot introduced something different regarding skins here - Radianite Points that allow players to evolve their current Valorant skins. After unlocking certain skins, you can upgrade them by using Radianite Points and obtain new variants and effects for them. Also, with every new level of the skins, new customization effects are added such as animations, sounds and other color variations, which you can switch between anytime you want! The Radiante Points can be earned by completing Battle Pass challenges. You can also buy Radianite points through the in-game Valorant store.

Valorant Guns Guide - radiant points vandal

Valorant Weapon Skin Types

Currently, in the game, there are a few different theme types of Valorant guns skins, basically meaning there are a lot of weapons with the same visual style. Some of these are Elderflame, Oni, Convex, Sovereign, Avalanche, Imperium, Ronin, Reaver, Luxe and a lot more. Here, we’ll talk about some of those themes, where they’re inspired from and how they aesthetically resemble skins from other games such as CS:GO and Overwatch. Overall Valorant guns have a good start regarding skins and as we all know, they’re basically weapons from other games, just with different names.

Oni Collection Skins

These are Japanese inspired Valorant skins that mimic and showcase the traditional folklore beauty of their history. The weapons include - Shorty, Guardian, Bucky, Phantom, as well as melee skins. Every skin, apart from the melee one, has three additional variations to it - white, green and black. The color choice has a wild-west feeling to it, although it represents Japanese weapons as well. The melee weapon is most well themed, as it shows a mask which represents an evil spirit - mostly ogres or trolls, but sometimes devils as well. Riot has experimented with this theme before, especially in League of Legends, as we can see it in many champion skins there. The red and white are traditional Japanese colors, which have spiritual meaning and as far as the games goes, we’d say they are integrated very smoothly into the Valorant skins theme, they fit the whole Valorant guns aesthetic and their universe pretty well.

Valorant Guns Guide - oni phantom

Elderflame Collection Skins

This line of skins is actually the first Ultra Edition Valorant Skins, which were added on July 10th, 2020. Frenzy, Judge, Operator and Vandal are so far the ones which have those available to them. We can clearly see the classical fantasy-inspired theme here. Your weapons literally breathe fire and are actual dragon heads instead of weapons. Out of all the Valorant guns, these are by far the most detailed and awesome, according to most Valorant players. Those scaly fire-breathing war machines are an amazing addition to the current line of Valorant skins. The animations are top-notch quality and the best thing about them is the giant flaming dragon head coming down to breathe fire when you get a kill on the last enemy of the round! The unique sounds and animations make this Valorant skins collection the best in the game so far!

Valorant Guns Guide - elderflame vandal

Convex Skin Collection

These Valorant skins include Sheriff, Judge, Spectre, Bulldog and Operator variations so far. The white and green color combination is a bright and interesting choice but quite distinctive from the rest. It’s kind of reminiscent of some CS:GO skins or Overwatch ones. Not much to say here, except that they’re a nice variation to change things up if you’re bored playing with the same old Valorant guns!

Valorant Guns Guide - convex spectre


These Valorant skins include the weapons: Ghost, Stinger, Guardian, Marshal and Melee. Now this is quite an interesting look, because it resembles prestige skins in League of Legends. The white and gold combination, particularly with those slick, fine borders are very obviously meant to be a more royal look for your Valorant guns. The design is similar to some early 20th century objects, which include guns, which were mainly made for show and beauty, not really for practical use. Hey, if you’re gonna kill, might as well be classy! 

Valorant Guns Guide - sovereign stinger


Included in this snowy series of Valorant skins are the weapons: Classic, Phantom, Marshal, Vandal and Spectre. This Winter and snow-inspired collection of Valorant guns will give your weapons a chill and practical look. It’s particle effects don’t distract you when you shoot, yet it looks slick enough to kill people with! The shiny ice-cold look will be a nice addition to your overall collection of Valorant skins and it would be a breath of fresh air if you’re sick of that regular, same old look! The light-blue tone is actually very similar to some old CS 1.6 skins, that were custom made by players themselves, back when CS wasn’t an official game.

Valorant Guns Guide - avalanche phantom


This gorgeous set contains two Valorant skins for Melee and Classic weapons. The Classic skin costs 1,275 Valorant points and the Melee - 2,550 VP. Now, this may not be a big collection, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less better than the others! Quite the opposite, this classic imperial Valorant guns design is decorated with a golden dragon, complemented with a royal green color. The ends of the golden bits are partly spiraled and remind us of a floral motif, which would greatly fit a champion like Viper - it even has a similar color scheme!  Perfect for showing off your high-level skills, slaying noobs in imperial style! For the Emperor!

Valorant Guns Guide - imperium melee


For this set of Valorant skins, there are currently skins for Sheriff, Bulldog and Operator. Each of them costs 875 Valor Points. Those are Japanese-inspired guns, which feature a golden dragon, crafted on the handle and slithering along the barrel and nozzle of the weapons. That’s coupled with a gold, red and black trimming, which makes this one stylish skin design, not too hard on the eyes! They actually look like they could be Chinese-inspired but nevertheless, it’s an awesome blazing skin set for your Valorant guns!

Valorant Guns Guide - ronin operator


Now, here you can actually purchase the whole bundle for 5,325 Valorant Points. Currently, there are 4 skins in the set and you can evolve 3 of them with Radianite Points! These Valorant guns are - Melee, Sheriff, Vandal and Operator. These 3 different levels can be unlocked with 10 Radianite Points. Each Reaver skin costs 1,775 Valorant Points, but the Melee Tactical Knife is 3,550 Valorant Points. Now, this dark-royal set of Valorant skins is similar to the imperium, only reversed in terms of the color preference. The royal purple, coupled with the golden borders creates a unique look for your agent, whoever you’re playing with! 

Valorant Guns Guide - reaver vandal


This set contains six different Valorant skins and each of them has different color options. Every level of Luxe skin costs another 15 Radianite Points to unlock and use. The additional variations include Red, Camo, Blue and Gold. The Valorant guns include Melee, Ghost, Spectre, Judge, Vandal and Operator. The Red and Blue variations are actually similar to color schemes from anime such as Gundam and other Mech-related series similar to it. Maybe there are some anime fans at Riot, who knows! The Camo and Gold are a classic for weapons skins, the camo being the most widely used skin for any weapon in any shooter game, but nonetheless it looks professional and awesome! The Gold is like a privileged version of all these Valorant guns skins, like the royal top skin of them all, which looks quite clean and sophisticated. These Valorant skins would represent your agent in a royal fashion and you won’t get bored easily while using them!

Valorant Guns Guide - luxe vandal

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