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Apex Legends Season 2 Info

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Apex Legends took the world by storm with its release in February and managed to hit more than 50 million players in the first month only. The community grew even bigger with the release of Season 1 in March. 

What Is The Future Of Apex Legends?

The Executive producer of the game confirmed that Apex Legends will include a battle pass system and Fortnite-like seasons. This proved to be true when Season 1 came out, even though the battle pass rewards were a bit underwhelming. Season 2 is expected to change the way the game uses cosmetics as rewards by including daily and weekly challenges. 

Here is our list with things that you need to know about Apex Legends Season 2 – release date, price, battle pass, characters, and more below:

What Is The Release Date For Apex Legends Season 2?

It was announced that the Apex Legends Season 2 will begin on 2nd July. This means that there will be two weeks between the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2.

What Is The Theme For Apex Legends Season 2?

The theme of Season 1 was “Wild Frontier” and it introduced players to Octane. The theme of Season 2 will be “Battle Charge” and it seems to be tied to the new character – Natalie “Wattson” Paquette” that uses electrified fences, in order to slow down and damage her enemies.

Will Season 2 Have Map Changes?

Fortnite, for example, keeps the players’ interest by changing the map with the start of each new season. At some point, either volcanic eruptions, meteor strikes, or icebergs have destroyed parts of the map.

As far as we know, Apex Legends may be doing something similar. The developers teased dragons (big and small ones) during the EA Play event. 

During Season 1 huge Leviathans began roaming the waters around the island and smaller flyers circled the air around them. These creatures might play a bigger role in the second season of Apex Legends.

Will Season 2 Have Challenges?

The first season of Apex Legends did not include any challenges. Respawn Entertainment claims that will change in Season 2. 

The “Legendary Hunt” event, which ran from 4th to 18th June featured challenges, which gave out exclusive rewards. Once Season 2 is out, the developers promise daily and weekly challenges for the players.

The community manager of Apex Legends confirms some new details about the Season 2 Battle Pass and its challenges. They said that they don’t want to drastically change the game but provide an interesting variation of it. Players are promised to feel a better Battle Pass progression and have a more interesting and fun experience playing the game. Moreover, this new addition will allow players, who can only play a few hours per week to have better results in the Battle Pass advancement.

What Does The Season 2 Battle Pass Includes?

Season 1 had more than a hundred unique items, so Season 2 is expected to offer a mix of weapon skins, quips, and other cosmetics, which are exclusive for the game and will not appear again.

The Season 2 Battle Pass will include more legendary-rarity items, more items from the “three new content categories”, and no basic stat trackers or badges. The developers have taken into account what was underwhelming about the Season 1 Battle Pass and are trying to make this season’s rewards more enticing.

Will Apex Legends Season 2 Have New Characters?

Of course!

The new characters, called “Legends” are added to the game continuously. They are added separately but simultaneously with each Battle Pass. With the release of Season 1, Octane was released. Season 2 promises to introduce Wattson on the 2nd of July. There are other rumors and leaks, which suggest that Season 2 will include another new legend, called Crypto. He is supposed to be a hacker with a sword, which can jam enemies’ abilities.

Will Season 2 Has New Weapons?

On 18th June was released a trailer that teases a new legendary weapon, called the L-STAR. The weapon is described as a rare and powerful Light Machine Gun, which fires huge, high-damage plasma projectiles at a quick cyclic rate. The type of ammo is listed as “experimental”. That supposedly means that once the 3x60-round magazines are out, that’s it. Continuous fire will make the gun overheat.

In addition, Apex Legends Season 2 is going to include various weapon balancing changes, which we will learn more about once the season’s launch gets closer.

What Will Be The Price Of The Battle Pass?

Even before the launch of Season 1, it was confirmed that the Battle Pass is going to cost 950 Apex Coins, which is around 9,50$. For 2,800 Apex Coins, you can get the Battle Pass and simultaneously unlock the first twenty-five levels. The prices are probably going to remain the same for Season 2.

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Author Joy
Published 2019-06-27
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