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Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant Services

Embrace the darkness and prepare to face the newest threat that has befallen Sanctuary in Diablo 4. Malignant Monsters, decaying abominations that mindlessly attack all in their path, have spawned all over the land. The denizens of Sanctuary, desperate for guidance in the absence of the Church of Light, have turned to new sources of hope.

In the first season's questline, the players join forces with Cormond, a former priest of the Cathedral of Light, to investigate this mysterious plague. Cormond will train every Seasonal Character to harness the power of Malignant Monsters and use it for your own benefit. To combat the relentless scourge of the Malignant Monsters, you must turn their own Hearts against them. Performing a ritual with the Cage of Binding, obtained during the season, allows you to capture their Malignant Hearts that can be placed into special Malignant sockets in your Jewelry, replacing normal gems. This season introduces 32 unique Malignant Hearts, divided into four categories: Vicious, Brutal, Devious, and Wrathful. Each Heart provides powerful build-altering bonuses, empowering your character and enhancing your gameplay. The colors of the Hearts correspond to special Malignant sockets in your Jewelry, allowing you to strategically customize your build.

Venture into the Malignant Tunnels, a series of highly replayable dungeons spread across Sanctuary, to acquire these coveted Malignant Hearts. They are infested with fearsome Malignant Monsters that must be defeated. By embarking on this perilous journey, hunting down Malignant Monsters, and uncovering the source of corruption alongside Cormond, you will not only grow in power but also earn rewards from the Season Journey and Battle Pass. The Season Journey is divided into Chapters, each offering tasks to complete and granting rewards suitable for Sanctuary's valiant defenders. These rewards include new Legendary Aspects, a Mastery Title, and even a Scroll of Amnesia, which grants a free reset of your Skill Tree and Paragon Board. Additionally, as you progress through the Season Journey, you will earn Favor, a valuable resource used to climb through the Battle Pass Tiers. The Battle Pass rewards you with exclusive cosmetic items and bonuses, enhancing your overall Diablo 4 experience.

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