Boosting Ground: Black Friday Promotions

Boosting Ground: Black Friday Promotions

Author: Freshhh

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The team at Boosting Ground is constantly working hard to bring you new services at a good price and to improve your overall experience on the website. 

We are excited to share with you some of the upcoming changes and promotions through November and share some highlights on what to expect for December.

"Who said Warlocks were better with books than with guns? ...Okay, it was me. But rage is a GREAT motivator!" - Lord Shaxx

Black Friday

Starting from 18.11.2018 throughout November everyone can use the "PITCHBLACK" discount - 15% off on all available services (except the Promotions section). Pitch Black is just a small warm-up for Black Friday on 23.11.2018.
You can expect even larger discounts on Friday for various services. Keep in mind they will only be available to purchase on the 23rd, all the discounts will be active for 26 hours starting from 23:00 PM (22.11) to 1:00 AM (24.11). Here is a list of all the Black Friday promotions and discounts you can make use of!

"FRIDAY" - 20% discount on all services (except the Promotions section)


"SKILLS" - Rank Boosting - 25% discount
"PLACEME" - Placement Matches - 30% discount
"STOP" - Anti-Decay - 30% discount

Destiny 2

"LEVELUP" - Leveling - 30% discount 

"POWERUP" - Power Leveling - 25% discount

"LASTRIDE" - Raid Boost - 25% discount

"MERCENARY" - Guardians for Hire - 30% discount

Hearthstone fans will only be able to use the 20% discount on all services. 

On the bright side, the Destiny 2 new season is starting on the 27th and Artifact is finally launching on the 28th, the PITCH BLACK discount will be available for all of these events.

Something to look forward to in December!

We are working on all the Artifact services to be live when the game launches and for the upcoming changes in the new Destiny 2 season. Starting December we will have very exciting news and new surprises for all new and old users of Boosting Ground - a major site update will be released! Stay tuned, we will soon be out with more information!

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