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Division 2 Dark Zone Boosting - Description

Division 2's Dark Zone is a PvPvE space, where players fight, in order to get the best loot possible. 

  • The game has a total of 3 Dark Zones. 
  • The game normalizes all player's stats inside the Dark Zone in order to set them on an even playing field with one another.
  • The Dark Zone has an entirely separate progression system to the rest of the game - the Dark Zone Level.
  • For every five levels, you unlock a new tier of perks available through the Dark Zone Officer
  • Only one perk from each tier can be enabled, however, they give you serious benefits for when you’re in the Dark Zone. 
  • The first tier only features one perk that allows you to carry more contaminated items.
  • DZ XP is earned through a variety of actions: killing enemies, killing Rogues, going Rogue yourself and surviving the timer, finding collectibles or discovering locations.

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  • Owning an original copy of Division 2.
  • Picking your current DZ level and your desired DZ level.

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