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We are no longer providing Division 2 boosting services!

Division 2 Gear Score Boosting Service - Description 

The Division 2 gear score indicates your gear's level of power. This way the "level" feature is removed and replaced with "gear score". The gear score determines whether you have the required gear to be able to take part in, and complete, certain missions during the Endgame phase. You can increase your Division 2 gear score by:

  •  Finding higher-level loot during Endgame activities, such as missions or bounties at a greater difficulty.
  • Complete The Invaded Missions.
  •  Gear score will be impacted by the rarity and power level of your gear.
  • Once you reach level 30 and Tier 1, vendors will offer you various items which will have a very high-level score.

You can only increase your gear score to a maximum level based on what World Tier you’re at too. If you can’t increase your gear score any further, you’ll need to level up your World Tier first.

  • World Tier 1 — Max gear score level is 300.
  • World Tier 2 — Max gear score level is 350. Requires a stronghold gear score level of at least 275 to attempt.
  • World Tier 3 — Max gear score level is 400. Players need a stronghold gear score level of at least 325 to attempt.
  • World Tier 4— Max gear score level is 450. Requires a stronghold gear score level of at least 375 to tackle.

Our Gear Score Boost Service - What do you get?

  • Select the Current and Desired Gear Score and we will get it for you!
  • Items and materials.
  • The time of completion varies and depends on the required Gear Score.
  • No programs or bots are involved in our services, only work by professional Division 2 boosters.
  • Division 2 Gear Score Boost is available on PC, PS4, and XBOX.
  • A 24/7 stream link will be provided by your booster.
  • Our booster can appear to be in offline mode.


  • Owning an original copy of Division 2
  • Being level 30 is recommended
  • Account Sharing is required for the Gear Score Boosting Service!

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