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Division 2 Stronghold Boosting - Description

After you complete the main campaign in Division 2, you will be able to access the endgame content and access better weapons and gear. You’ll need to be level 30, have completed three Strongholds and must have picked one of three Specializations.

You’ll be able to access World Tier 1, now having a Gear Score next to your weapons. Certain activities will require a specific gear score but how do you increase it?

Ways to increase your Gear Score are by:

  • By completing Invaded versions of missions.
  • Upgrading your crafting table and crafting better gear.
  • Buying high-end gear from vendors.

In order to advance through the World Tiers, you must complete 2 missions and then the Stronghold, which is tied to those missions. The missions can be completed at almost any level, but the Strongholds will have Gear Score requirements. This is where our Division 2 Stronghold Boosting Service comes into the picture! We at Boosting Ground offer you the best and most affordable stronghold farm services, so you don't have to grind endlessly - you can just leave it to our team of professional boosters!

Our Stronghold Boosting Service - What do you get?

  • Select the Stronghold you want to be played and the number of runs and we will do it for you!
  • Along the way, you will get new gear and boost your Gear Score.
  • No programs or bots are involved in our services, only work by professional Division 2 boosters.
  • Division 2 Stronghold Boost is available on PC, PS4, and XBOX.
  • A 24/7 stream link will be provided by your booster.
  • You can play along with your booster and enjoy the game.
  • You get to choose the difficulty.


  • Owning an original copy of Division 2.
  • Having reached level 30, in order to unlock the endgame activities.

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