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Technician Specialization Unlock Boost - Description

The newest episode of Division 2 comes with the engrossing Technician specialization. The owners of Year One Pass can directly play it, while the other players must complete the Special Field Research - five stages of in-game challenges, each having a list of objectives and winnings. After the completion of these five stages, the players will have access to the Technician Specialization.  

Those five stages are:

  • Stage 1 - Donate 50 resources to any control point. With the shotgun, kill twenty opponents. Complete three living world activities. 
  • Stage 2 - Eliminate "The Blade" in the DCD Headquarters, after destroying her lawnmower on Normal or higher difficulty. Kill two enemies with one grenade, three times. Eliminate 3 controllers at any faction. Finish the Roosevelt Island mission on non-invaded Normal or higher difficulty. 
  • Stage 3 - Kill "Books" in the District Union Arena, after blowing up his turret on Normal or higher difficulty. Wipeout 3 elite hostiles with a headshot and kill twenty from above. Finish the Capital Building mission on non-invaded Normal or higher difficulty. 
  • Stage 4 - In Manning National Zoo, eliminate "The Raven", by firstly demolish his Ammo Pack on Normal or higher difficulty. Destroy five unfriendly cars/drones. Kill three Black Tusk Mini Tanks after using an EMP pulse on them. In less than ten seconds, take out six targets in the shooting range. On non-invaded Normal or higher difficulty you must finish the District Union Arena.
  • Stage 5 - In the Capital Building, eliminate "Captain Kendra Nelson, by shooting the weak point on her RPG Backpack first on Normal or higher difficulty. In the Lincoln Memorial, murder Private Jeremiah Ramos by first destroying his backpack weak point on Normal or higher difficulty. Annihilate 3 Black Tusk Warhounds. Do a "salute" emote while any of your hives are down. Complete any invaded fortress on Hard difficulty or higher.

We think it's totally worth it to take part in this specialization because you'll gain a lot of valuable items with it too, such as Artificer Hive (it buffs the havoc skill and/or the healing skill), P-017 Launcher (you'll be able to kill up to six enemies at once by shooting all the missiles from the weapon), the precise Maxim 9 Sidearm, EMP Grenade, the Barrage, and Ballistic weapon skins, the Technician NVG mask and so on. 

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