Division 2 Overview

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Tom Clancy’s new game – The Division 2 is a shooter RPG with a variety of modes, which offer even more missions and challenges. The progression systems also are new and exciting and provide new ways to play and enjoy the game. The story of the game is set in the summer of Washington D.C., seven months after the Dollar Flu. The virus attacked the Pentagon and other important buildings, officials got evacuated, and riots followed. After the capital was evacuated, survivor communities were developed. However, the supplies were cut off shortly. This made citizens arm themselves. Criminals developed their own factions with the goal of dominating the territory and loot all they can. Because of that, Directive 51 was activated, which allows Division agents, with the help of the Civilian Militia to try and recapture the capital. Take a look at our Division 2 Boosting Services.

Division 2 Overview GAME MODES

  • Campaign

Get ready to tackle exceedingly difficult missions, full of challenges and dangers. Your goal is to liberate D.C. from the brink of the factions

  • Co-op

Gather up with your friends and take on the hardest missions. Watch out, because you’ll need all the help that you can get.

  • PvP

Fight against other players, because one can never be too sure. Prove that you are proficient in combat agent.

 - Skirmish – In this version of a classic Deathmatch you go up against another player team

 - Domination – This is an objective themed mode, where you capture locations and aim to show dominance over the opposing team

  • PvEvP

There are 3 Dark Zones across Washington D.C. Explore these areas, which have been abandoned for months. They are mysterious and dangerous and offer the best PvEvP action since you cannot trust anyone.

Division 2 Overview SKILLS

Every player can customize their abilities and tools. The skills, which you use have a great impact on yourself, the team, and the city.

  • The Assault Drone – is a remotely controlled device, which is able to unleash hell itself onto unexpecting enemies
  • The Chem Launcher – is a weapon, which is able to shoot different chemicals, which spread upon impact and can deal corrosive damage, explosive damage, or repair via nanobots. Choose carefully.
  • The Hive – is a defensive tool, which launches small drones that deal a lot of damage to targets in the area.
  • The Seeker Mine – is able to lock itself onto the closest target, roll to it, and then detonate, when it is close enough.

Division 2 Overview ENEMY FACTIONS

There are a number of factions, which are fighting to claim Washington D.C. As a Division agent, your goal is to prevent this from happening and you are very well equipped to do so. Take these factions on and protect the civilians.

  • The True Sons – They use immense firepower and expertise to dominate. Led by a former officer, they are organized, pragmatic, and ruthless.
  • The Hyenas – They are a gang of raiders, who prey on the weak. They use impulsivity and violence. They are chaotic and loot everything they can, while destroying the rest, preventing the enemy from taking advantage. The Hyenas are led by a council of the strongest in the clan.
  • The Outcasts – They are the survivors of a forced quarantine action. They are against the people, who imprisoned them and society, which did nothing to stop that from happening. Their leader is determined to punish the guilty by murdering and spreading sickness everywhere.
  • The Black Tusk – This is a secret military organization, with an even more secret agenda. Highly disciplined and using expert equipment, they are the biggest threat out there.

Division 2 Overview WEAPONS AND GEAR 

You need to always be prepared, despite what kind of mission you are playing. The weapon system of Division 2 offers you gear and weapons, which are highly customizable. You can get a variety of weapons, armor, gear, and cosmetics. On top of that, the exotic items are not to miss! In order to get them, however, players need to grind up to the endgame phase of the game.

Division 2 Overview ENDGAME

When the agents get to level 30, they will unlock the option of a specialization. This means that each agent will be able to choose from 3 new game classes – Demolitionist, Survivalist, and Sharpshooter. Each of these offers players a special set of skills, new ways of playing, and a specified new weapon to use.

Moreover, endgame PvP includes the option of playing in Clans with other players, which offers a connection with the other agents and sharing the experience.

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