Division 2 The Gunner

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Ubisoft released a new update for Division 2. It is available for all platforms – PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The update brings a new specialization – The Gunner, which has a new skill and a unique minigun. 

In order to unlock Division 2 The Gunner specialization, you will need to complete Special Field Research. These are five stages of challenges, each of which has its own objectives and rewards. When you complete all of the stages, you will get access to The Gunner.

Players who have purchased the “Year One Pass” will get The Gunner immediately. However, they can also complete the Special Field Research and get some exclusive cosmetics. Some of them are:

  • Gunner mask & specialization uniform
  • Pineapple & Rosethorn weapon skin
  • Charcoal & Detritus gear dye
  • Fisticuffs & Front Flex emote

The minigun of The Gunner is a rapid-fire weapon, which releases a massive amount of damage in a short time while sustaining the incoming damage thanks to bonus armor. The Gunner also throws Riot Foam grenades, which cover enemies in foam and make them unable to move. Meanwhile, Banshee skill can confuse targets.

Division 2 The Gunner had some issues in June, but the game is back online now, and Ubisoft claims to have fixed the following problems:

  • The Special Field Research stages didn’t update properly in some situations
  • The Specialization ammo couldn’t get picked up in some cases
  • There were missing gun textures in the inventory
  • Players were temporary invulnerable when they replaced an armor plate in cover

Additionally, the game will get 3 DLC episodes, the first one – DC Outskirts – Expeditions is coming out this summer. The expeditions are going to be free events, which let players travel to unknown locations and discover new gameplay and narratives.

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Author Joy
Published 2019-06-27
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