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Halo Infinite - 10 Important Tips for Beginners

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

Since the recent release of Halo Infinity’s Open Beta, hardcore and casual gamers are rushing to try it and climb the ranks. So we decided to create a short guide with 10 basic tips and tricks to help out newcomers to halo and also returning players who have not played for a long time, because Halo Infinite is a lot different than a lot shooter on the market. So lets not waste your time and start with the tips and tricks right away!

Manage your Positioning and TTK (Time to Kill)

First tip I have is any halo the TTK is a lot higher than most of the other shooters. Because of this Halo is a little bit less of aim intensive individualistic game and your performance will improve based on how close to your team you are positioned. In general outside of using a Power Weapon or good grenade placement, the more ppl in the gun fight will be the better chance you have to win the encounter. That means that 2 vs 1 situations will be won by the most players in the encounter. Of course that does not mean that 2 vs 1 encounters can’t be won but will make it almost impossible unless you have some kind of a power up or power weapon. Because of all this is very important to play around where your teammates are and make sure not to go on your own too often. Obviously there are situations where is beneficial to try and make plays on your own but in general you want to be team shooting and positioning around your team as much as possible. You don’t want to stand on top of your teammates because that makes you vulnerable to the splash damage of grenades and power weapons like the Rocket Launcher but you want to be close enough that if you teammate gets in a gun fight you will be able to help them out before their death or the at least clean up the kill if they happen to lose the fight!

Weapons, Power Ups and Map Control

With Halo being an arena shooter one of the most important aspects is controlling the map itself. Not only do you control the power positions on the map like you will in Call of Duty for example, you also need to control the spawns for weapons and power ups. So, it’s really important to learn where the Power Weapons and the Power Ups and all the equipment is spawning, as they do at a specific places around the maps you are playing. It is true that you don’t know which weapon or equipment will spawn but the good thing is that specific types of equipment spawn at specific places. You can easily memorize where the precision weapons spawns , where the utility weapons spawn and etc.
In Halo Infinite when things like Power Weapons will be spawning, they do have a timer on them to show you when they will be spawning up. However, it’s generally a good idea to try to memorize those timers roughly in your head so you can be near that spot in the map and ready to contest that spawn long before the timer hint you they will be coming up soon.

Weapon racks on the walls won’t have timers but any time you look at them you will see a bar filling up that will hint roughly how soon the weapon will spawn so keep that in mind to.
Purelly controlling weapons and power ups in Halo is going to give you a huge advantage against players that don’t try to control them at all, because while you can definitely can get kill with the weapons you have of spawn, a power weapon is going to make an easy work of the people using those power weapons. And that is what Halo is build around so make sure you are controlling power weapons and power ups alongside the power positions on the map.
Power positions are those places on the map that gives you some kind of advantage over your opponents. Where that will be a better shooting positions or a position that your opponents will have to complete a certain objective, or a shortcut to Power Weapons and Power Ups, you will have to try and control them. Those positions are different on every map but you can easily tell where they are just by looking the map and try to predict where your opponents will have to go in order to progress to an objective or to Weapons or Power ups.

Headshots aren’t so Important in Halo!

If you are playing a game like Valorant, shooting ppl in the head gives you a multiplier and a you get headshot damage. Now in Halo in most cases shooting PPL in the head doesn’t do any additional damage until you pop their shields. To explain what we mean here, your Battle Riffle in Halo is a 4 shot kill rifle. And what this means is that you need to shoot your opponents 3 times in order to pop their shield off. Once you do that the headshot multiyear kicks in. Whit the fourth shot, if you get a headshot your opponent is dead, and if you don’t you will have to get additional body shoot to get the job done. So basically, you need to aim your weapons but there is not point in shooting at the heads of the enemies before you drain their shields. Trying to always hit the head will only make you miss shots and won’t help you kill your opponent’s faster. There is of course an exception from the rule and this is the Sniper Rifle. If you hit an enemy player in the head with a Sniper Riffle you will kill them no matter if they have a shield or not.

Grenades are Important!

Like we mentioned in the first tip, Halo has a higher TTK. One way to turn the odds in your favor when you are in an unfavorable fight like a 1 vs 2 or 1 vs 3 situations is placing a good Grenade. With it you can do enough damage do multiple players and the grenade is going to pop their shield making them easier for you to kill by yourself. If you are able to land a good grenade on 2 players you can take them oy easily with a quick burst or two of your Battle rifles. In those kind of disadvantage situations grenades can make gunfights easier and give you if not else at least a chance to win. Of course you can use your grenades to deny your opponents space or all sorts of different things to help you position your enemies at your sights. With that said learn how, when and where to use grenades in Halo Infinite!


In gunfights in halo, you want to be moving at all time! You do not want to be just standing still and taking shots like you might do in other games. Halo Infinity has not movement penalty when you are shooting so you want to constantly be moving your character around as unpredictably as possible to throw off your enemies aim and makes you harder to kill. Another Important tip that a lot of pro Halo players will give you is that you want to use your movement, to make aiming for you easier! Basically the less you will have to move your crosshair, the easier is going to be to get kills. And you will learn this naturally as you play the game. But if you are able to strafe properly when you are in a gun fight, it’s going to make keeping your crosshair on the enemy a lot easier then if you just randomly move your mouse around or by just standing still. On top of that you don’t want to just do a normal strafes going left and right, you could also throw a things like crouch strafe or jump during a fight. These are not things that you want to do every time but you can occasionally do to surprise your enemy and throw off their aim enough for turn a fight you are losing into a kill. So keep your movement unpredictable and use it into your advantage!

Learn to Crouch Jump.

In Halo Infinite there is a mechanic called clamber. What clamber does is that if you hold jump or you have auto clamber ON, when you jump up to an obstacle that is higher that your spartan can jump to, he is going to kind of climb up to it, and it’s going to put you in kind of animation where you can grab and get on to the obstacle. Clamber is an extremely useful mechanic but it is very important to realize that a lot of the jumps you that you normally clamber up to, are also a normal crouch jumpable. But what is Crouch Jump you might ask? It is basically just when you jump and crouch at the same time! This is going to raise your characters legs up a bit and you will going to be able to get up slightly higher than you would if you were doing a normal jump. And as you can imagine a lot of the jumps are designed like this so you can crouch jump them. And since the crouch jump does not activate that climbing animation it is the better option as it won’t prevent you from shooting while doing it. Also you can do it in any direction so if you know there is a place you can jump to behind you and will help you stay in cover you can do it without even turning around.

Use your slide!

Sliding in Halo Infinite is one of the key movement mechanics and you are going to see pro players using this one. One of the coolest mechanics you want to go look into is called “Super Slide”! Or if you are going down on to a slanted object or you jump on one, you can time your slide perfectly with a jump toward the end of it to really gather a lot of momentum to help you travers maps a lot quicker. In general you want to be using your slide effectively! For example, going downhill or jumping or jumping off of your slide when you can or maybe slide entering into a gunfight to throw of your enemies first shot.

Stay Alive!

In Halo one of the best and most important thing you can do is be an absolute rat! You will see that a lot of new players just get in gunfights and stay in them until they die. What you will quickly learn by watching high level Halo players is that you can be a lot more effective if you stay alive longer during a gunfight. So when you get into a gunfight and you take a shot but you think you can kill your opponent then go for it! But if it’s a case when you are trying to get just a bit more damage and you know you are going to die if you stay longer, it’s actually more beneficial to try and fall back to hide behind cover, run away for a bit and basically make that enemy go out of their position to chase after you. Because if you were fallowing our previous tips and you are in the general area where your teammates are your enemy becomes an easy target for them. So by making yourself as hard as possible to kill, even, if you know you are going to die, will help your teammates a lot because they will have the opportunity to get easier shots on the enemy. You will also frustrate your enemies by making them put themselves in worse position to try and get a kill and angry and distracted enemy is an easier target.

Learn the Sandbox.

That basically mean to become familiar all the vehicles, weapons and equipment. You need to become in touch with everything because all of the weapons in Halo has their own utility and it’s important to learn when and where you want to use those different weapons. Mabey you want to use a plasma pistol to take off someone’s shield making them an easy one-shot for you to clean up. Or maybe you are close range and even that you have a Battle Rifle it might be easier fight if you use your Assault Riffle and clean them up that way. Learning the effective ranges of the different weapons in the Halo Sandbox is extremely important to take you skill to the next level.

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Along with this we also have the equipment and vehicles. And while the vehicles are going to be mostly a team battle thing, there are going to be arena maps that going to have vehicles on them so learn what are they useful for and which one are mostly used to traverse the or get across the map. This will help you know which vehicles you want to contest and which you want to use when and everything like that. You want to be familiar with the equipment too. Halo Infinite is bringing back equipment from Halo 3 and so is important to learn the rolls and the different intricacies of all the different equipment. Whether you are using a grapple shot and you are learning how to properly learning how to move yourself around the map with it or you are using the repulse and you can learn all the different quirks like the fact that you can use it to bounce off projectiles or make a nice jump, it’s important to learn all those things and when to drop them.

Learn the Weapon Mechanics.

Here we are mainly talking about the weapon bloom of the Commando and Sidekick and how to use them in the different rages to be effective. What Bloom is you might ask? As you shoot your gun more frequently, the cone of where your bullets can go increases and that reduce your accuracy. You can counteract this by pacing your shots. However, the key thing here is to learn when you should pace your shots based on the range and what kind of gunfight you are in versus when you do not want to pace your shots and you just want to go all out and use your auto fire to secure a kill. You will quickly learn if you are using the Sidekick at really far ranges and you are shooting as fast as you can, that is not nearly as effective as if you pace your shots. But if someone is right Infront of you and you do spam up those shots with the Sidekick you are going to have a lot higher success rate.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Help!

That is going to end our beginner tips and tricks guide for Halo Infinite. Just fallow them up and try to think about them while you are playing the game and the results will come. If you still need some additional help our Halo Infinite Boost Page is the place to go. There you will find all kind of boosting services where our team of professional boosters will help you achieve all your goals. We are offering different services from farming your Weekly Challenges to Rank Boost so there is something for everyone. And remember there is no shame in asking for help!

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Published 2021-11-29
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