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Overwatch Mercy Hero Guide

Released by Blizzard Entertainment way back in 2016, Overwatch quickly gained popularity and a loyal fanbase worldwide. It’s considered to be one of the top games in the FPS genre to date. It has many unique characters called heroes, each with their own unique abilities and roles. The teams consist of 6 players each and face off on many different maps, mainly in 2 mods - Standard mode and Competitive mode. The roles are damage, heal and tank and depending on your team compositions, you can either synergize really well or have a really chaotic team comp which doesn’t work that great.

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Overwatch Mercy Hero Overview

Mercy is a very powerful healing champion who is able to save a desperate situation and turn around a seemingly lost game! While playing her, it’s important to have good positioning, be mindful of where the enemy is and always keep away at a safe distance. It’s also a good idea to be close to your allies, in order to be able to reach them quickly if needed. That statement stands true for many other games who have similar roles or the holy trinity of gaming as players call it: Tank, Healer, DPS. The healer always needs to prioritize surviving, in order to provide the most support for his/her team!

Overwatch Mercy Hero abilities

When we talk about abilities, Mercy has 2 passive ones - Angelic Descent and Regeneration.


Overwatch Mercy Hero - regeneration abilityIt allows Mercy to regenerate health while not in combat, so this is a good sustain ability to help you stay in the fight longer, without staying in it! Take advantage of the environment whenever you can, if you have to, play custom games and get to know the maps more, so you can come up with your own general tactics. Hiding behind some crates or corners and angles can be really useful here, as you’re a support champion who needs more utility and survivability, so this would be really useful to practice and get used to doing. Even just hiding behind an ally shield or barrier could heal your health from very low to almost full in a matter of a few seconds.

Angelic Descent

Overwatch Mercy Hero - angelic descent abilityNow this ability, on its own isn’t very practical at all. However, if you couple it with Guardian Angel, which lets Mercy fly to a close-by teammate, is really, really useful! It could potentially be a life-saver if used correctly! This is seen by many people as a way to support and heal her allies in a better and faster way. Guardian Angel can be used as an escape tool as well because you can get out of dangerous situations by quickly dashing to nearby allies behind a shield or allies that are on high ground! Angelic descent actually allows you to slowly fly down when you’re up in the air, so using the two in tandem allows you to have great control over your movement, making your movements unpredictable and strange to the enemy. Many players look to Angelic Descent as the main tool you need to learn in order to perfectly position yourself as Mercy. Your ability to use this passive properly will help you have better control over your positioning. This distinguishes low and mid-level players from the top tier ones!


Overwatch Mercy Hero - resurrect abilityMaybe the most famous Mercy ability, that is probably the most useful ability in the whole game! As the name itself states, it allows her to bring an ally back from the dead and into the fight once again! However, this little maneuver could cost your life if you’re not prepared! It’s a high-risk high reward gamble unless you have someone watching your back, like a tank or DPS to cover you. Maybe a Zenyatta Transcendence or a Winston Bubble Shield, helping you go in with your Guardian Angel under the protection of that bubble shield! Oh and it’s on a 30-second cooldown, so remember to use it wisely! If you see that you’re going to win a teamfight or skirmish at the last seconds of the battle, there is absolutely no point in wasting your ability, so be aware of how you’re gonna use it.


Overwatch Mercy Hero - valkyrie abilityThis is Mercy’s ultimate ability and even after numerous nerfs, Valkyrie is such a massively powerful ability that has the potential to turn the tide of battle in your allies’ favor! It allows you to chain-heal your entire team and even increase their damage output by a whole lot. It also gives Mercy free airborne movement and constant regeneration which isn’t stopped by incoming damage. All this gives her a massive movement boost, while also boosting her healing abilities greatly! It’s a good idea to make an aggressive push or just charge the enemy team, in order to make full use of Valkyrie and scare the heck out of your team, making them retreat!

Overwatch Mercy Hero Tips and Tricks

Overwatch Mercy Hero - tipsStaff or pistol? A question many Mercy players ask themselves, especially when they haven’t played enough Mercy and think they’re good enough to go full Rambo. Caduceus Staff is much better to use that your Blaster. Often times, players will use their pistol right after they activate Valkyrie in a murderous attempt to pick off some easy kills, but this simply isn’t as viable as supporting and healing your allies! Even if your team is doing good and is ahead, scoring kills left and right and making mad plays, you’d be way better off supporting a powerful dps than trying to dish out some small-time damage yourself. Mercy just isn’t built that way, you’ll make the best use of her abilities while healing and helping out your allies. Your blaster is more like a last resort defense tool, which you should use if you mess up your position and have to get out of a sticky situation by yourself - a last resort strategy. However, it’s perfectly fine to finish off a low-health enemy while you’re in Valkyrie if your team can’t pick it off, but that doesn’t mean you should go all Rambo whenever you get a chance and leave your teammates dying all over the place!

Overwatch Mercy Hero Counters

Overwatch Mercy Hero - countersWell, it’s kind of obvious here, but almost every champion in Overwatch should be able to counter Mercy because of her low damage output. However, she is particularly vulnerable to dive tanks like Winston or D.Va as well as assassin dps heroes like Genji or Tracer. When we talk about backline flankers, Sombra can take advantage of Mercy’s Guardian Angel with Hack, so there is that. In order to avoid all those damage dealers, you’ll need to stick close to your tank, if possible at all times. Also, it’s a good idea to have someone in line of sight, in case you need to use Guardian Angel on them to get out of a pinch quickly! You can always heal your teammates on single encounters and give them a huge advantage over flankers, so keep an eye out for naive enemies that think they can get an easy kill! It’s much better to keep your tank healthy and all healed up almost to full health than to start busting out your little pistol and adding to the already good enough damage output of your teammates!

Mercy Hero Best Strategies

Overwatch Mercy Hero - strategiesThe most basic and fundamental thing for Mercy is to stay with her tanks! Remember that you always need someone around you, as you don’t stand a chance in a 1v1 skirmish unless the enemy is really low on health and just a few shots away from death! Most of the time it’s good to have one main tank and one off-tank for a more secure and stable team composition. Your job is to keep your main tank alive at all costs and watch over your off-tank as well, as much as you can of course. You need to make hard decisions sometimes and that may mean you’ll have to choose over which allies to save. If your team communicates a lot and watches each other’s backs, the enemies won’t even get near you!

Overwatch Mercy Hero - strategiesAnother tip would be to position yourself somewhere an enemy sniper won’t have a clear vision on you, so you don’t get one-shot the moment you step out of the comfort of your tank’s shields. When we talk about Resurrect, don’t take any risks for it, always make sure you have someone nearby you can use Guardian Angel on if your tank happens to die in battle. Needless to say, the most important thing while playing Mercy is staying alive, because if you die, your team’s only healing source will be gone, which will make them easy targets for the opponent. Also, don’t pay attention if your DPS spams I need healing if they clearly don’t. You should keep your cool and assess the situations accordingly, don’t give in to pressure, follow your instincts and intuition. Your main job is to take care of the tank, that’s your priority and if you have secondary healers, they should look after your DPS, as that isn’t your main concern.

DPS should actually know most, if not all of the health packs’ locations in the game, so unless it’s practical for you to heal them, they should be good on their own.

Overwatch Mercy Hero Best Synergies

Overwatch Mercy Hero - synergiesWell, we’ve all heard about the famous Pharah/Mercy combo, but that isn’t as viable as it once was, in the glory days. Because of the Pharah rework, she has to be closer to the ground, which makes this really dangerous for Mercy, as it puts her in a vulnerable position every time. What you’ll see often is Mercy boosting heroes like Soldier 76 and Bastion behind some shield, who can dish out tons of damage even without her healing. Actually, Mercy’s current state is much more viable with stationary DPS, rather than aerial ones, which puts her in a much safer position and is a better use for her current kit. She also has good synergy with mobile tanks, as they can provide her with cover with Guardian Angel should you get attacked out of nowhere. A good D.Va for example will always be sure to keep her Mercy with her, even while escaping hard situations. Always be aware of where your allies are at all times, so if an assassin tries to one-shot you, you can quickly jump to your teammate and avoid a sudden death! Overall Mercy is an awesome addition to every team, but she is very reliant on them as well. She is a team player and can’t solo, but in a teamfight or skirmishes, she is irreplaceable!

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