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Anish G




Favorite Heroes

Soldier, Pharah, Tracer, McCree, Zarya, Widowmaker



About me

Not to sound like an egomaniac but I am the God of Aim. I think I've made my stamp in the Overwatch PS4 EU community about how deadly my aim is. I don't use a Mouse and Keyboard but aim like one. Precision is key for me.Therefore if you do in fact choose me you can see how efficient my aim is. Other than my aim I find my game sense and knowledge is beyond most people. I think smarter instead of trying harder as most do. That's what has kept me top 100 in every season. Also, know that those are not all the characters I play. I find I can carry any game with almost all characters, but those are my specialties. If you wish to order your boost with me you will expect quick and efficient boosts without problems. We will have full communication and you will be able to see my greatness. I can stream while giving you 1 to 1 advice on your problems and how to manage them. In conclusion, I am a God, so hurry up with my damn croissants!!!

Games Boosting


Apex Legends


PS4      PS4