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World of Warcraft has had mounts since its release way back in 2004 and they are a really fast and useful way to get around in the game. Having one would really improve your gameplay experience as it would allow you to get faster to cities, towns and most of all - quest objectives! With the release of Wow's first expansion - The Burning Crusade . there was a wide variety of really rare and exotic flying creatures such as Drakes, Nether rays and legendary ones like the famed Ashes of Al'ar! Mounts can  be acquired by all sorts of means - questing, farming rare mobs, dungeons, raid and various other ways. To get some of these mounts can take weeks and months of farming because of the extremely low drop chance. With our WoW Mount Farming, our team of highly-skilled boosters will acquire whatever mount you need with 100% guaranteed success. Buy WoW Mount Boost and our  pro players will make sure to obtain those rare creatures into your collection!

WoW Mount Farming Services - What Do You Get?

  • By purchasing, you can choose which service you want to be completed.
  • All of the acquired loot while playing remains for you.
  • No programs or bots are involved in our services, only work by professional boosters.
  • You can choose a member of our team to play in your place.
  • We provide a 24/7 streaming option.


  • There might be some specific requirements, depending on the WoW boosting service that you want to be completed.
  • Some mount farms might take random times, which is determined by the mounts' drop chance.