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WoW Burning Crusade Classic Power Leveling Boost

The newest Blizzard release WoW Burning Crusade Classic is long-expected news for most gamers all over the world. If you’ve played this popular expansion, you already know how hard it is to level up your character. You need to complete many tough dungeons and quests, and it requires many hours of playing. Sometimes even when you are doing your best, you are not able to reach the desired level. And this is where our professional boosters come to ease your gaming life!
Boosting Ground’s devoted team of skilled players provides an amazingly huge variety of power leveling services and guarantees easy communication and fast results. In this new version of the game are added 10 more levels, and we will help you level your character up not only from 60 to 70 level but from 1 to 60 as well.
Order one of our WoW Burning Crusade Classic Power Leveling Boost services right away and take advantage of special discounts and an account leveling system. Your information safety is guaranteed!

Our WoW Burning Crusade Classic Boosting Service – What Do You Get?

  • Efficient completion of the chosen service.
  • You keep all the obtained loots during the boost.
  • The work is done by proven professionals! No programs or bots are being involved!
  • A professional, proven, and real booster will be assigned to your order. You can choose a specific booster if you have any preferences.
  • Our devoted and friendly customer support team is available 24/7 to help you or answer your questions!


  • There might be specific requirements, depending on the desired service.