Sell WoW Classic Account Easy

Sell WoW Classic Account

Sell your WoW Classic Account trough us!

You are no longer interested in playing the game? Do you need some extra money? Don't hesitate and list your account at Boosting Ground. We usually reply in a few minutes in the working hours - 8.00 to 17.00 GMT +1.

Contact us on discord - DISCORD ID

Our Account selling Manager will help you list your account at the website and give you additional details on the process. 

After we confirmed the ownership of your account and you complete our verification process, you'd be able to:

1. List the account for sale on our website

2. Get paid by PayPal or bank transfer up to 24 hours after your account has been purchased.



Account Selling Requirements

Before contacting us, check if you are meeting the requirements to sell WoW Classic accounts through us. You must meet all the requirements, check them below:

Sell WoW Classic Account Requirements

1. You are of legal age 18 years +

2. You are able to provide the account's SA (Secret Question Answer).

3. Able to provide a completely visible government-issued ID (Battlenet matching name). This is not required in case you used a fake/fantasy Battlenet name.

4. No suspicious ticket history on your Battlenet account.

5. You are willing to provide the account for safekeeping and character examination to Boosting Ground while it is listed for sale on our site.

6. Sign a standard independent contractor (freelancer) contract. Boosting Ground will require this to transfer funds to you and ensure that you won't be taking back custody of the account after the sale, by keeping you legally obligated!

7. The account you are selling has an active subscription.

Sell Your WoW Classic Account today!

Boosting Ground will act as a middleman to ensure that both the sellers and the buyers of all the WoW Classic Accounts receive what they bargained for! Contact us on discord to list your account for selling: