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WoW Classic Wailing Caverns Boosting - Season of Mastery

Composed of natural underground caverns within the heart of The Barrens and filled with stream fissures which produce long, mournful wails, the Wailing Caverns is a level 15-25 dungeon, the second one in the World of Warcraft that the Horde players encounter. It is non-linear, which makes it a real challenge for most of the players, but our advice is to not miss the unique rewards of that dungeon.

Wailing Caverns has lots of quests, such as the Leaders of the Fang, Trouble at the Docks, Deviate Eradication and more, with different task completion and various high-quality loot. In each of the quests, you have to be ready to invest your time and keep your patience. Or simply, you may skip this annoying part and let us do all of the hardships!

Venture into the depts of the Wailing Caverns, slay the vicious beasts and corrupted druids that guard its riches and save Naralex from the Emerald Nightmare with our professional help. Get your Wailing Caverns Boosting - Season Of Mastery Service today!

WoW Classic Wailing Caverns Boosting - What Do You Get?

  • By purchasing this service, you will get full completion of the  Wailing Caverns dungeon.
  • All of the acquired loot you get during the boost.
  • Chance to get a dungeon specific uncommon, rare, and epic world drop items.
  • Get a quest item and completion of a quest you have in your quest log.
  • Once an order is placed it will be processed immediately and a booster will be assigned between 15 minutes and couple of hours, depending on the service, platform, and the booster availability.
  • No programs or bots are involved in our services, only work by professional boosters.
  • The completion of the service is 100% guaranteed.

Things You Should Know

  • The boost completion time we guarantee starts when the booster logs in.
  • Our Wailing Caverns Service guarantees the completion of the dungeon. No specific item loot is guaranteed.
  • Full and Partial Refunds will be available only to people that DO NOT LOG IN on their accounts during the boost.


  • World of Warcraft Classic account subscription.
  • The VPN option is mandatory, you must select the country you'd like us to log in from!
  • Account sharing for this WoW Classic boosting service is required.
  • Your character must be in the dungeon zone. If you are not in the World Zone where the dungeon is located.
  • you must select the "Dungeon Walk" option.
  • Character level must be between 15 - 25.

Additional Options Explained

  •  Lady Anacondra - By choosing this option, we will clear the dungeon only up to the first boss - Lady Anacondra.
  • Lord Cobrahn - By choosing this option, we will clear the dungeon only up to the second boss - Lord Cobrahn.
  • Kresh - By choosing this option, we will clear the dungeon only up to the third boss - Kresh.
  • Lord Pythas - By choosing this option, we will clear the dungeon only up to the fourth boss - Lord Pythas.
  • Skum - By choosing this option, we will clear the dungeon only up to the fifth boss - Skum.
  • Lord Serpentis - By choosing this option, we will clear the dungeon only up to the sixth boss - Lord Serpentis.
  • Verdan The Everliving - By choosing this option, we will clear the dungeon only up to the seventh boss - Verdan the Everliving.
  • Full Dungeon Run - By choosing this option, we will complete the full Wailing Caverns dungeon, including the final boss  Mutanus the Devourer.
  • Dungeon Walk - Choosing this option, we will move your character to the world zone, where the dungeon is located.
  •  Amount of Clears -Choose how many Wailing Caverns clears you want our boosters to make.
  • Stream - For a flat tax of 10$ you will get a private stream link from Youtube, Twitch or another service provider. The link will be provided by your booster in your order chat (only for registered users). The order chat can be easily found in your Order Panel in your Boosting Ground Profile!
  • Appear Offline - is a service we usually provide by default. We will play while "'offline" or "invisible" and we will never reply back to any messages. Note that when playing in a party the "offline" status will have to be temporarily disabled.
  • Class - Needless to say we need to know which character to level up for you. Some classes are harder to level than others, they will make the price a bit higher for you.
  • Secured VPN - the option is mandatory for all boosters on our website. We will only log on your account through a highly secure VPN connection, let us know where you usually log in from!
  • Booster - this option allows you to choose a specific booster or the first available to complete your order.

Is this Boost Safe?

  • All Piloted Services (with account sharing) might attract attention. Blizzard might decide to target account sharing activities at any time.
  • When possible we try to offer "self-play" or other safer options to fight security risks.
  • We are 100% transparent with you and we want to make sure that you understand all the risks before you make any decision. We will often warn you even after making a purchase!
  • VPNs are allowed, but not supported. That means Blizzard won't help you set it up nor will they provide services to "white list" it. VPN is considered an extra layer of protection towards any potential targets for an account suspension and it's using is mandatory at Boosting Ground.