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Buy Destiny 2 Flawless Triumphs Seal Boost

The Flawless Title comes with five triumphs, most of them only available during the season. The triumphs, required for Trials of Osiris Seal are:

  • All Roads to Victory - you'll need to get 10 victories in each of the 5 different passages - a total of 50 victories
  • Confidence is High - to complete this triumph, you'll need to have a Flawless Passage of Confidence completed (We will complete a Mercy Passage to unlock your Confidence Passage + the Confidence Passage itself). If you already have your confidence passage unlocked, you might find it better to order only  a confidence passage clear from our Trials of Osiris carry service
  • Safe Harbor - in this triumph, after you've already visited the Lighthouse, you need to help 3 other players with visiting the Lighthouse for the first time (Go flawless 3 times with first-timers)
  • Guardian of the Lighthouse - You will need to earn 15 victories after achieving 7 wins on a passage (multiple tickets possible)
  • This Is The Way - There are 6 different maps in rotation each week, you'll need to go flawless on all of them - 6 runs during 6 weeks of Trials of Osiris.

Completing successfully all of the triumphs in Trials of Osiris Seal will reward you with your Flawless Seal! Our team consists of the best PvP Destiny 2 boosters. Buy Destiny 2 Flawless Triumphs Seal Boost and enjoy your Flawless Seal right away!


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Destiny 2 Flawless Triumphs Seal Boost - What do you get?

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Things You Should Know About Our Flawless Triumphs Seal Service!

  • The Confidence is High option includes the completion of a Mercy Passage boost in order to unlock your Confidence Passage.