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Even if you're not a fan of the shooter games, you must have heard about Overwatch by now. This fun, the action-full multiplayer first-person shooter is one of the most famous games released by Blizzard Entertainment. Its mix of unique visuals, unforgettable heroes, and engaging gameplay has taken the world by storm, and it was only a matter of time before Overwatch 2 was released. Its updated engine showcases the improved graphic side and redesigned characters, but there are many new gameplay features introduced in Overwatch 2 as well. The biggest change might be the downsize from 6 vs 6 to 5 vs 5, leaving only one tank per team's composition. To compensate for that, Blizzard has made numerous changes to the maps, greatly rebalanced heroes, and added unique passives to Tank, Damage, and Support characters. Moreover, it's not just changed to the existing game that awaits us. Dedicated Overwatch players and beginners can be sure that many more new maps, game modes, and heroes are yet to come. But the new content doesn't just stop there, as Overwatch 2 also promises to deliver the PvE content that was sorely lacking in the first game. Gamers can expect at least two new PvE modes: Story Mode, where you'll get to experience the ever-evolving Overwatch lore, and Hero Mode, which will test your and your teammates' skills and mettle, all with their special rewards!

However, the most impactful change for Overwatch fans might be the switch to a free-to-play platform. It certainly means that there will be more new players filling the ranks, which could impact your PvP experience. All the changes to the gameplay do not guarantee high performance even for people familiar with the first Overwatch, and beginners might find themselves being overwhelmed by the playtime restrictions and competing with the higher ranks at the start. We at Boosting Ground understand your struggles like no one else, and our Overwatch boosting services are uniquely designed to alleviate them for you! Overwatch 2 is, first and foremost, a team-based PvP game, which means every player will be competing for the best ranks, and it certainly introduces many pitfalls. Whether you're encountering enemy players of a higher skill or, on the contrary, being placed in the lower ranks than you deserve, we have plenty of services to help you with that! Our professional team includes many top 500 boosters with years of experience in Overwatch boost who constantly keep their skills sharp. They are the best when it comes to climbing the ranked ladder in short amounts of time and skipping the tedious grind. Become one of the players who efficiently achieve their goals and dictate their own rules of the game! Order an Overwatch Boosting service now and get the desired results without any struggles, and if by any chance you don't find the exact service you're looking for, feel free to ask our 24/7 chat support for a custom order! 

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