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Diablo 4 has finally been affirmed and by the looks of it, players will have quite the challenge on their hands with this one. The game's dark design gives us a hint that we should expect endless attacks of wicked creatures undercover. The release date is still unknown and probably will take some time, but at least we can be prepared for what awaits us. Diablo 4 is a classic isometric ARPG that includes five classes, but only three of them have been brought to light so far - Barbarian, Sorceress, and the already known Druid, each of them with highly unique abilities. The Barbarian class looks really untactful, merciless and equipped with weapons, while the Sorceress is more strategic and manipulates the villains with different energies. The Druid has many magical qualities, one of which is the ability to transform into different shapes, such as human, bear, and werewolf. Another impressive part is the returning of the provocative demon Lilith - also familiar as Queen of the Succubi, who possess the extraordinary skills to teleport in a green flash and to convert her form - as a human or a demon. More than that, there will be several old, but redesigned characters from the previous versions of the game. Diablo 4 is emphasized mostly on the character's customization and the players will have more design options for their character's look. The new game will be a shared open world with five regions of Sanctuary, where the players have to withstand hundreds of dungeons, quests and random events. As a reward, they will gain numerous legendary loot. We will add various Diablo 4 Boosting Services to assure your efficient game performance!

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