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WoW Classic (WoW Vanilla) is an MMORPG, released by Blizzard Entertainment on November 23, 2004. It has various realms, divided into North America, Latin America, Oceanic, and Europe. In the game, the players can choose between two factions (Alliance and Horde), eight races (Undead, Troll, Tauren, Gnome, Orc, Dwarf, Night Elf, Human) and nine classes ( Mage, Rogue, Paladin, Druid, Warlock, Shaman, Priest, Hunter, Warrior). World of Warcraft Classic is exciting because of its color content, where you can level your character through dungeons, raids, quests, PvP, gaining experience and obtaining many awesome rewards! We will constantly update our list of WoW Classic Boosting services, in order to satisfy our clients' needs! Allow us to ease your gaming life using our expertise! At Boosting Ground you get affordable pricing and stellar service from long-term professionals!

WoW Classic Boost is what you are going to need, to fast pace through all the content in Vanilla. Remember, the game was not as easy as it is today!

What is WoW Classic Boosting?

WoW Classic Boosting is a perfect way to get the needed help when you are stuck at some point in the game or just don’t have enough time to complete the task. Boosting Ground is a proven game expert and provides you a lot of World of Warcraft services so you can choose the best option for you. You can order a piloted boost where an experienced booster will do all the work for your, or buy a self-play boost and team up with the booster. In any case we will achieve exactly what you want us to and will bring you back the joy of gaming!

Who Are Our WoW Classic Boosters?

Boosting Ground is a company that values the time of their clients, so we won’t waste yours with not proven players. All of our boosters are with many years of gaming experience and know every detail about the game. They keep up with the information on a daily basis and won’t let you down. The boosters are real professionals and rely only on their knowledge and abilities without using programs or bots. Every booster has a short bio information on our Boosters page so you can choose the right one for your needs!

WoW Classic Boost Services We Provide:

  • Dungeons Clear - We will clear every dungeon in WoW Classic in no time!
  • Raids - Guaranteed completion of all the raids at a cheap price.
  • Power Leveling - We will help you to reach your desired level as soon as possible!
  • Reputations - You'll have any reputation you need.
  • Mounts - We will obtain some of the rarest mounts for you.
  • Gold - Boosting Ground will deliver you the desired amount of gold.
  • Farming - We will farm materials, items, and gear for you.
  • Professions - Our boosters will level up your profession right away!
  • Buy Account - You can purchase a WoW Classic Account fast and secure!
  • PvP Services - For all the fans of PvP! Get Honor Points, Battleground Wins, PvP Reputations and more.

How To Order A WoW Classic Boosting?

It's really simple to order WoW Classic Boost on our website. All you have to do is to follow several steps:

  1. Browse our WoW Classic Boosting Services and select yours.
  2. Check if you meet the requirements for the service you need.
  3. Select class, faction, a Secured VPN and any other options you need depending on the specific service. Choose your favorite booster or the first one available. There is a "Stream" option, which allows you to watch how the booster completes your boost.
  4. Click on the "Checkout" option and fill in your account details, realm, a discount code (if you have one) and additional information for your booster.
  5. You can pay with PayPal or any credit/debit card.
  6. Once you place an order, we will assign a booster to your order between 5 minutes and a couple of hours. When the booster is assigned, you'll be able to communicate with him through your order panel.
  7. In your profile, go to "Current Orders", where you'll find all your active orders. To see more details, click the "Go to order" button it will take you to your personal Order Menu.
  8. There you can chat with your booster, view images, streaming links and more. The "Request booster presence" button will auto email your booster, to remind him you are waiting for him!
  9. If you have any issues, connect with our 24/7 Customer Support team for help, they can resolve anything for you!

Why Choose Our WoW Classic Boost?

We've already proven ourselves as a company that executes a flawless wow classic boosting services to all of our clients in all of the games we manage. We trust that WoW Classic Boosting has a future and we will non-stop update our database with new and exciting content.
We will try to cover every part of WoW Classic’s gameplay and wherever our help is needed. In case you have questions concerning boosting, you can always ask us freely and we guarantee a quick and useful response.
We choose our boosters carefully among the majority. They are all real players with a lot of experience and have proven themselves repeatedly. You can check their descriptions and stats on our “Boosters” page.
As soon as you make a purchase you will be connected with your booster directly from the website. Through your order status page you will be able to chat and check up on your order (if your booster is playing, how long he will be on a break or if it is completed).
With the measures of protection, that we take at Boosting Ground, ordering boosting services has never been safer! We make sure to use only the latest technology and a variety of defense mechanisms against intruders, for data protection and etc. The anonymity of all our clients is guaranteed. No information concerning their player names or accounts will be disclosed to 3rd parties. Our website is fully GDPR compliant! A secure SSL encryption runs and protects all our clients’ information.
We've developed a unique system for all users who registered on the site. Depending on your contributions to the website you will be able to increase your level at the website and get appropriate rewards! Claim them from a personalized panel and continue climbing the Boosting Ground ladder!
Our team of Customer support works tirelessly to bring you the best boost possible. You can ask any of your questions right away. The chat system we have is easy to use. You can always look at the FAQ section of every service, as well.

Get Low-Cost WoW Boost Right Away

At Boosting Ground you’ll find the most affordable WoW Classic Boosting Prices. Not only that but there are tons of discounts, earned throughout the Boosting Ground's Account Leveling & Rewards system. Order your boost today!

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