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Fynch is one of the new NPC introduced in the Witch Queen and he will be your faithful companion. Fynch was one of the ghosts serving the Hive Queen Savathûn who break away from her will. Now he will be helping the guardians in their battle against the new hive treat. To gain his loyalty you will have to increase your reputation with him and he will give you a ton of awesome rewards for every reputation rank. Leveling up Fynch Reputation up to level 30 is not an easy task and as you might suspect, the best rewards are saved for last. If you don't have time farming reputation and wanna enjoy the main content in the Witch Queen expansion,Buy Fynch Rank Boostand our team of professional boosters will help you level it up in no time!


  • All Recovery services (with Account Sharing) might attract unwanted attention from Bungie as they are against their terms of service.
  • On 99% of our Destiny 2 Boosting services, we will offer a Self-Play option where you can play with our team of professional boosters, making our service without any risk of suspension!
  • As an additional layer of protection for every Recovery order, our boosters will use VPN with your current location to reduce the risks.
  • We will never use hacks, cheats, exploits, or any other activity that might compromise your account!

Buy Fynch Rank Boost - What do you get?

  • With our Fynch Reputation service, you can go all the way from rank 1 to 30
  • You need to simply select your Current and Desired Rank, we'll take care of the rest.
  • The completion of the service is 100% guaranteed.
  • No programs or bots are involved in our services, only work by professional boosters.
  • Our 'Appear Offline' guarantees you'll remain completely anonymous.

Additional Options:

  • Class - With this option, you will be able to select the class you wanna do your boost.
  • Stream - For a flat tax of 10$ you will get a private stream link from Youtube, Twitch, or another service provider. The link will be provided by your booster in your order chat (only for registered users). The order chat can be easily found in your Order Panel in your Boosting Ground Profile!
  • Cross-Save - If you have the Cross-Save option enabled, please select the platforms you have the game on, so we can easily match the best booster for the job!
  • Appear Offline - is a service we usually provide by default. We will play while "'offline" or "invisible" and we will never reply back to any messages. Note that when playing in a party the "offline" status will have to be temporarily disabled.
  • Priority - Extreme attention towards your order. Fastest start and completion by our best boosters!

Things You Should Know

  • All the loot is random, we don't guarantee any drops.


  • This Destiny 2 boosting service is available with or without account sharing. Time guarantee applies only for orders with account sharing.