Vanguard Strikes Farm

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Vanguard Strikes Farm - Description

Get your weekly challenge completed or if you need rare/legendary items and some Vanguard Tokens this strike farming service is for you!

Our Vanguard Boost Service - What do you get?

  • Each completed Strike gives you a chance to get Rare/Legendary loot and Vanguard Tokens.
  • No programs or bots used, only human work.
  • We will use a VPN only on demand (we do not recommend VPN usage).
  • Available on PC, PS4, and XBOX.

Things You Should Know About Our Vanguard Service

  • A booster will be assigned to your order within 24 hours (usually it takes even less).
  • Once the boost is started, it normally takes between 20-40 minutes for completing a strike.
  • You can select the boost to be completed with one or more characters.
  • By choosing the 'Self Play" option, you will team up with a booster and go through the Strike together.


  • You need to be at Power Level 300 or more. If your Power Level is lower, you can use our Destiny 2 Power Leveling boosting service
  • Your character must be Level 30. If you haven't leveled up your character, you can use our Leveling service.

Order your Vanguard Boost now!

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