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Shattered Throne Services

Shattered Throne is the first dungeon in Destiny 2 that is still relevant today. Players return again and again to this dungeon to solve all its mysteries and get all the possible loot and triumphs. We've collected everything you might need from this dungeon and more. Take a look at our offerings, choose everything you need in our Shattered Throne Services and our team of professional boosters will get right to work.

Shattered Throne Services – What Do You Get?

  • Completion of any offer listed in Shattered Throne Services.
  • Guaranteed and fast completion of the chosen service.
  • Any loot you'll get stays with you!
  • All services are completed by a proven professional.
  • We do not use any programs or bots.
  • Different Additional Options.
  • Flexible prices.
  • 24/7 customer support.


  • Depending on the chosen Destiny 2 Boosting Service, there might be different requirements.