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Destiny 2 Splintered Triumph Farm - Description & Requirements

In order to get the title you want in Destiny 2, you must complete a series of triumphs. Different activities take place in many different locations on every planet out there. Only a few champions are considered worth at the end of the day and are able to cover all the requirements to get the title. Order Destiny 2 Splintered Triumph Farm and you will be able to pick any of the listed quests below:

  • Master of the Hunt - Complete any Empire Hunt on Master difficulty.
  • Solo Lost Sector Mastery - Complete any Europa Lost Sector on Master difficulty without a fireteam.
  • Masterful Saboteur - Complete all Tier 3 Sabotage quests from Variks.
  • Fallen Brig Brigade - As a fireteam, defeat Fallen Brigs as part of the “Crux Convergence” public event.
  • Training Complete - Complete all three Exo Challenges.
  • Born in Darkness - Complete the Beyond Light Born In Darkness quest
  • Reuniting the Eventide Rookery - Reunite all nine Penguins.
  • Studying Darkness - Find all nine Entropic Shards scattered across Europa.
  • Salvage the Past - Find all nine dead Exo collectibles hidden across Europa.

Things you should know!

  • Requirements for this service will vary depending on the selected triumph. Contact our 24/7 live chat support for more information about the requirements on the desired triumphs!

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