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Destiny 2 Standard Seals Boost

Triumphs are points and incentives that show how you fully explore and experience the entire game. While you play, you get objectives, which you can complete (the triumphs) and when you do, you receive points toward an achievement score essentially. For completing the triumphs, you can get titles above your name that other people are able to see in-game. Here is a full list of all the standars seals that we offer:

  • The Dredgen Triumph Seal
  • The Rivensbane Triumph Seal
  • The Cursebreaker Triumph Seal
  • The Harbinger Triumph Seal
  • The Warden Triumph Seal
  • The Descendant Triumph Seal
  • The Conqueror Triumph Seal
  • The Flawless Triumph Seal
  • The Splintered Triumph Seal
  • The Enlightened Triumph Seal
  • The Chosen Triumph Seal
  • The Splicer Triumph Seal

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Our Destiny 2 Standard Seals Boost Service - What do you get?

  • We offer you full completion of the chosen Standard Seal.
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  • You can choose a member of our team to play in your place.
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  • All of the Triumph Seals require Account sharing!