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Destiny 2 The Dawning Boosting Services

The Dawning event has returned in Destiny 2's Beyond Light expansion and it seems to be more exciting than ever! The Dawning is a limited-time event, where the players bake cookies to farm various rewards. The Guardians will make cookies again with the help of Eva Levante's ingredients and recipes. Your progress towards The Dawning bounties will increase by delivering batches of cookies to different vendors.

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Destiny 2 The Dawning Boosting Services - What Do You Get?

  • You can choose which service you want to be completed.
  • No programs or bots are involved in our services, only work by professional boosters.
  • You can choose a member of our team to play in your place.
  • We provide a 24/7 streaming option.


  • Depending on the Destiny 2 boosting service that you want to be completed, there might be some specific requirements.